Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gizza Goodies!!! husband rarely appears in my blog because i don't want to bother
him especially if he is scripting but this time i do some eyelash-batting
and it works but he is always willing to pose for me of course..
1st Anniversary Gift for Her and Him @ Gizza Mainstore
**wear Gizza group tag

Full Outfits for Her and Him w/ Boots @ Gizza Avenue Store
**wear Avenue group tag

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Firey Asians!!!

..i'm not a fan of red colored hair because asians are obviously not
redhead but when i try it on with this asian skin from Baiastice
i was surprised that it looks perfect, what do you think?..
New Release! Aruba Tops from *BOOM*
Sexy, cross front, open back halter top.
Comes in 20 different colours.
Coordinates with the Aruba Swimsuit. 
Wear with your favorite jeans, shorts or skirt for a flirty look.

Thanks Ms. Aranel Ah
New Release!  Shell Swimwear from *CandyDoll*
Comes in 13 colours in all layers

Thanks Ms. Rebeca Dembo

 Other Items
Special Asian Skin (group gift/invite only) : Baiastice 
**Send NC to Ms. Sissy Pessoa to get an invite
Mia Hair (free) : [69]
 Summer Bag (1L each, mini hunt) : Ribbon
Flip Flops (not free) : Maitreya

Enjoy your weekends!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Little Home!

..sorry for not blogging as often i used to but i'm still here just trying to
settle again in another home with my husband which of course is fun
and time consuming coz we like it to be perfect.. hehehe!
Arabin *PaleSkinJ1*
Arabin *TanSkinJ2*
Arabin *DarkSkinJ3*
NEW! NEW! NEW! Skin from *JeSyLiLo* named Arabin comes in
3 Tones with 5 Make-up options, cleavage and no cleavage option..
Please try the demos before buying!

..when my husband logs in and found this lit house in our land he was like there's
no way we can fit in in this house but it's too cute to not get it :p..

Breeze Ensembles (group gift, check notices) : *LELUTKA*
**bikini, sarong and hair w/ hat
Little House (group gift, 1L fee) : *Compty Within*
Shoes (not free) : *N-Core*

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Look of the Day!!!

What I'm Wearing today...
You Say Tomato Hair (free fatpack) : *Clawtooth*
Sarita Med Utra Skin (group gift) : *Avisage*
Pearl Necklace and Earrings (subscribe gift, no history) : *PM*
Lil Bow Peepers (PouPeeHunt) : *BOOM*
My Lovely Birds dress (subscribe #1) : *MONS*
Slouch Heels (group gift) : *Koko*

Kisses from Cecelia

Sunday, July 24, 2011

PouPee Hunt!!!

..good morning ladies!! let's do the PouPee Hunt this time, your
going to find small doll with official blog here for complete list of hints..
 Julia Skin (1L) : *Mamboo Chic*
Hair (PouPeeHunt) : *Wildo*
 Ship in a bottle Necklace (PouPeeHunt) : *I <3 Fashion*
Cotton Minidress (PouPeeHunt) : *PureStyle*
Gold Flats (subscribe gift, history #3) : *VMC*
White Basket Bag (PouPeeHunt) : *Tokidoki*
Short Puffy Cardigan (PouPeeHunt) : *LaViere*
Maxi Dress (PouPeeHunt 1/2) : *S@bbia*
Wedge (PouPeeHunt 2/2) : *S@bbia*

have a nice sunday everyone!!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

One Fine Day!!!

What I'm wearing...
Skin (group gift) : *Inaya*
**part of a full avatar gift
Straw Hat and Bag (free) : *Ibizarre*
Dress (group gift) : *bonne chance!*
Hair (group gfit) : *Dura*
Summer Shades (Seasons Hunt) : *Pididdle*
Platform sandal (not free) : *Slink*

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Black Magic Woman!!! can never go wrong with little black dress, 
every woman should have one.. agree?

What I'm wearing..
Skin (group gift) : *Al Vulo*
Glamour Earrings (free) : *Lemur*
Holly Cocktail Dress (subscribe gift) : *VictoriaV*
Umbridge Bag (group gift, check notices) : *George Project*
**Join Group: secondlife:///app/group/537625d4-23f1-8463-2eef-e3bad00c8a53/about

Other Items
Hair : Damselfly
Shoes : PM
Eyes : *A.G*

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


"Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song
You go ahead, let your hair down
Sapphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams,
Just go ahead, let your hair down" of my fav get up in RL, shirt and jeans except that my avi looks
hotter than me  /laughs.. have a great day everyone!!!
Noob Checklist Tee (free) : *Terri.Tess*
**there's plenty of shirts for free here both tank tops
and tees, printed and plain in various color
Summer Time Bicycle Poses (Seasons Hunt) : *{what's next}*
Tourist Camera and Umbrella Hat (Seasons Hunt) : *Intrigue Co.*
Faded Jeans (50% off Closing Sale) : *Sweetest Goodbye*
Spirit Starlet Skin (group gift) : *Heartsick*
**Group fee is currently suspended so now is the right
time to join and enjoy monthly gifts
Aglaea Ebony Silk Sandal (Rose Hunt, 5L) : *Pink Label*
Five (5) sculpty pink and white roses are hidden in and around the shop.
Each one contains a new pair of silk sandals adorned with gems and roses. 
These sandals are replete with jewel changes and metal changes and 
of course the hud controls all aspects of these beautiful sandals.
Each rose costs 5L each.
Printed Shirts (new release) : *Terri.Tees*

Everything in the place (except the freebies)
are also available at their Marketplace store

thanks Ms. Terri Wardell

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Seasons Hunt!!!

It's time again for the Seasons Hunt and for this round you
will be looking for a shark particularly Steve the Shark. 
Inside of the shark will be a summer related hunt item. 
Also, there is no specific order to this hunt and for the list of
participating stores check here and they move the hunt item
from time to time so better make use of your fierce eyes.. enjoy!!!
Raia Skin Sunkissed (2 brow option) : *AddiCt*
Hearts Flutter Hair (2 colors) : *Shag*
Exotica Hair (3 colors) : *Plume*
Lauren Hair : *RAW House*
Tankini top (part of outfit) : **
Summer Beach Shorts (2 pair) : *The Secret Store*
Cocoa Tropic Bangle : *LaGyo*
The '77 Basket : *Berries*
Jolene Tank top : *Ingenue*
Skirt : *SMS*
Fancy Pants Hair flower : *Clawtooth*
Aria Dress : *paper.doll*
Dakota Wrap Dress : *Vive9*
Summer Top (part of a bikini) : *Tres Blah*
Eibo Trousers (3 pair) : *Kyoot*
Revolution Pumps : *epoque*

..this and more plus they've got furnitures other interesting items..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

See Yah at 2ndHub!!!

.. i've heard about 2ndHub already but it's only now that i finally signed up,
it's also a social networking just like facebook but it's integrated with SL.
Fruits and Vegetables Dress (WFHunt) : *Sassy Kitty Designs*
Filthy Skin (free 2ndHub group) :*Filthy @ 2ndHub*
**both Male and Female skin

Steps on how to join and get the gift:

1- Join/Register 2ndHub :

2--Confirm your e-mail

3--- Activate your accoumpt at the slurl given to you ( witch should be this one ) :

4---- Enter 2 or 3 fields in your profile ( Marked with a star  *  )

5----- Join the group at this adress :

You will receive the skins inworld ... ENJOY MUAAA

Other Items
Hair : Truth & Magika

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Real Chic!!!

Yume Skin (Lucky Board) : *Mamboo Chic*
Yuko Latte Hair (Gatcha Item, 35L) : *HS*
Peacock Earrings and Necklace (group gift) : *Pepper*
Top and Skirt with suspenders (group gift) : *M.Motion*
Suede Boots (free) : *Lala Moon*
Lindsay Skin (Lucky Board) : *Mamboo Chic*
**sorry about the mess around the eyes
Simplicity Brown Hair (group gift) : *{moon}*
Vani Earrings and Necklace (group gift) : *NHA*
Sara Purple and Suzie White Outfit (group gift) : *Unique Clothing*
White Heart Sandal (group gift) : *Pennywise Designs*
Angel Skin (Lucky Board) : *Mamboo Chic*
Baby Cocoa Hair (free) : *Analog Dog*
Saucy Lass Outfit (Skull n Bones Hunt) : *Sassy*
Stiletto Pump Heels (group gift) : *Shoenique Design*

enjoy girls!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Latin Lover Outfit (group gift) : *Le Charme Fashion*
thanks Ramona Planer
Summer Garden Dress (group gift) : *Bliss Couture*
Summer Mini Dress (TBB Hunt) : *Sassy*
Sequin Dress (1L) : *JustB*

Other Items
Hair : Truth
Shoes : Maitreya
Skin : Curio

..SL V2 was ruined for me when it gives update yesterday and so
 i remember about Phoenix Firestorm which my husband keeps on
telling me to really try it and i guess it just solved my problem
and i'm loving it so far..

Summer Babe!!!

Bunny Tan Skin J2 (new release) : *JeSyLiLo*
Hair w/ Hat (group gift) : *AY.LinE*

Beach Dress (new release)
MSK Tops & Panties (new release)
Ballerines Shoes (new release)

tp to *KOKETKA*

Bunny Light Skin J1 (new release) : *JeSyLiLo*

thanks Lilo Glom
thanks Slava Parkin

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Precious News!!!

MP Hats - Reborn Black (new release)
**Available also in White
Queen Viola Gown in Pink (new release)
**Available in 3 colors with matching Flower Headpiece

..i always can't resist Agnes Finney's creation and when i learned that
she's opening her VIP group i immediately get myself in so now i'm
waving my VIP tag for the world to see **giggles

hurry coz she's only opening the group for free until 16th of July

Visit My Precious Mainstore now
and get your first VIP gift..
 July Babe Dress (10L, wear VIP Tag)

Thanks Ms. Agnes Finney

Sunday, July 10, 2011


..i just can't resist hair that covers one eye, i don't know why
but i'm sure you too can relate to it especially if it's this gorgeous..
Tube Dress (1L) : *Elemiah Design*
Ruffled Top and Capri (MND2 Hunt) : *Cancoon Fashion*
Holidy Stripes (group gift) : *Poised*
Treasure Map Dress (Skull Hunt) : *Alexohol*

Audra Hair (free) : *Exile @ Hair Fair*
Caged Heart Necklace (group gift) : *Esther Jen*

Other Items
Skin : Curio
Wedge : PM