Thursday, September 29, 2011

Skintimate & Paris Metro News!!!

' Skintimate ' Angelina Special Edition Skin 
..Only available at the 75L Skin Store Event here along with the 75L Store Gift
which you can get for free and drop by their Mainstore to slap the
MM Board and other store gifts that awaits you..

thanks Ms. Alexxandra Sorbet

What I'm wearing..
Angelina Special Edition Skin : Skintimate @ 75L Store (75L Only)
Myrtle Updo Majestic Hair : **Pocket Mirrors** (dollarbie for 3 Color)
Symphony Necklace Set : Lazuri (free, look for the magnifying glass)
**includes Earrings, Bracelets and Necklace with Hud
Entwined Gown - Plum : Paris Metro (New Release)
**available in 3 lovely colors

thanks Ms. Paris Zsun  thru Ms. Kalli Birman

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Not Button's - Alanya my Bday giftie <3 - Free
..there's a lot of free skins/shape in this store..

What I'm wearing...
Alanya Skin : Not BUTTON's (free)
Crystal Eyes (sea) : ::UH:: (free)
JOLIE - Burnt Hair : LELUTKA
 Baroque Earring (Earth) : [MAGIC NOOK] (65L, TDR Special)
Ethereal Dance Silks : **Angelwing** (free)
**includes bracelet & anklet
Promo Bare Tip Toe Foot : [AL] (10L only)

Enjoy your wednesday luvlies!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Sunkissed!!!

[Katsucide] My Sunkissed Skin (GSP6 Special)
thanks Ms. AcIde Innovia

What I'm wearing..
My Sunkissed Skin : [Katsucide] (GSP6 Special)
Crystal Eyes (mossgreen) : ::UH:: (free, there are 2 free eyes in store)
Summer Hair (fatpack) : =YunA'sHAIR= (group gift)
Endless Cute Outfit : :::FAC::: (OTHunt, buy magnifying glass)
Espadrille Slate Blue Shoes : ::Duh!:: (1L)

Monday, September 26, 2011

AMD Newness!!!

(AMD) Catalina - Tan Bare (NEW RELEASE)
.. Available in 7 Skintones and 4 Starburst Make-up Options 
including Double Wing Eyelashes

TP to AMD Now and always try Demos

thanks Apple May

What I'm Wearing...
Catalina - Tan : Apple May Designs (New Release)
Agnes 3 Hair : TRUTH
Moon Eyes - Autumn (m) bright : Poetic Colors (free)
Classic Pearl Necklace : Lazuri (free @ Jewelry Fair)
Bow Long Necklace : [Fairy Tail] (free @ Jewelry Fair)
Flower Dress Red : {SMS} (70L for TDR)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jesylilo & BDR Newness!!!

*JeSyLiLO*:::Autumn:::*DarkSkin*J5* (New Release)
..she's available in 3 tones with 8 different make-up styles,
cleavage and hairbase option, shiny and matte..

...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... NeurotiKat (New Release)
..Neurotikat is a complete leather outfit which includes a lot of options
on how to wear it and available in 6 different colors..

tp to BDR now!

thanks Cameron Vasiliov and LiLo Gloom

Monday, September 19, 2011

oh Adeline!!!'ve already meet Adeline from my previous post but this time 
she comes with no paint but just her sexy mole which adds 
up to her sex appeal, don't you think?..
[-BLUE SKY-] - Adeline - {Walnut}
Available in 5 Tones with all options like hairbase and cleavage

thanks Mr. Luca Python

What I'm wearing...
Adeline Skin - Walnut : [-BLUE SKY-] (not free)
Bronte Hair : TRUTH (not free)
Clarus Eyes : Aphotic Gloom (not free)
Sashka Earrings : ELUZION (subscribe gift, check history)
Ruched Mesh Dress : House of Hucci (subscribe gift, check history)
Baby T Pumps : Pixel Mode (past gift, subscribe for future gifts)

.. muahhhh luvlies!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


..ohh la la it's weekend again and i can't help being bold and fearless
with skin so i opt not to wear anything underneath to flaunt it.. :P

What I'm wearing..
GF in a Coma Hair : !lamb (Collabor88 Special, 88L/colorpack)
Adeline - Paint Skin {Cappuccino}: [-BLUE SKY-] : (Group Gift)
Silk Screen Scarf : {Zeery} (The Red Seal Hunt, free)
**more for Red Seal Hunt here
Flat Disk Earrings & Metal Cuff : O s a k k i (Group Gift for Modavia)

thanks Luca Python

..enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Red Seal Hunt!!!

... the Red Seal Hunt at Rue D'Antibes will starts tomorrow, Sept. 16
and will ends on Oct. 4. There are 15 participating stores with hints
 and list here. Join the group for more inside clues & updates..

Here's some items in the hunt and remember it will start tomorrow so some
gifts maybe still not out as of today and you will be looking for an 
envelope with red seal which are hidden in each participating stores.

Red Roses Dress w/ stockings : LISA L.
Pearl & Gold Earrings with Bangles : {JUNK}
Lady in Red dress : DELICIOSCO DESIGN
..there will also be a poster making contest which will start on Sept. 17
which will be submitted to flickr, for more info check here.

 Envelopes are being printed and sealed, so get ready!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Girl!!!

..i feel like being girly today so what will make it more girly? 
a dress of course with it's oh-so-girly prints and i match it 
with my very colorful eyeshadow,  hope you like it girlies..

What I'm wearing..
Veronica Hot Skin : YS&YS (TDR Special, 70L)
Mystery Hair : Clawtooth (Collabor88 Special, 88L)
Rainbow Eyeshadow : cheLLe (free)
Lucky Branch Necklace : [glow] (TDR Special, 58L)
Coral Sweater : Pig (free)
Paradise Halter Dress : VESTRA Fashion (New Release!)
Pumps & Bag : Mischief (free)

Other available colors for Paradise Halter dress from VEXTRA Fashion..

thanks Ms. Vextra Messing

take care! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wash Day!!!

the Wash Bi - Annual Cart Sale runs from 
Sept 7th to Sept 28th 2011 where items were sold
for 10L or cheaper.. check it out! 

What I'm wearing..
Kawaii Aura - Tender : Heartsick @ the Wash (10L only)
Chocolate Cake Hair : LoQ @ Liberty Group (no longer available)
Vain Sunglasses : PurpleMoon (random visitors gift every 10min)
Furry Bangles : TTB (subscribe gift, free)
Simple Tee - Teal : C'est la vie! (dollarbie)
Striped Lyric Jeans : Sn@tch @ the Wash (10L only)
Handbag : Ninu (free)
High Heel Platform : Koko (group gift)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mesh-ing Around!!!

.. i've been seeing mesh clothing around but i admit it doesn't interest me at all but then
Firestorm introduced their version of mesh viewer and i must say it looks great and
moves along with you indeed but other residents that doesn't use mesh viewer see
you with this big balloon-like over you.. it sucks.. anyway try it for yourself :)

What I'm wearing..
Paige Skin - Chai : Illusory @ Collabor88 (88L/skintone)
GF in a Coma Hair : !lamb @ Collabor88 (88L/colorpack)
Clarus Eyes : AG @ Chic Fashionably Late
Rayssa Earrings : Eluzion (subscribe gift, check notices)
Julesa Dress (Mesh) : Hucci (subscribe gift, check history)
Alluring Shoes - Black : MJS (group gift)

See yah.. Cece

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pretty Chinita!!!

.. wow it's almost weekend again, how time really flies when your not checking, time to look at my FLF List and this hair caught my eye..

What I'm wearing..
Kawaii Aura Skin : Heartsick (group gift, check notices)
Clarus Eyes Special Edition : AG @ Chic (available from Sept. 11-17)
Dexie - Dark Brown Hair : (50L, fatpack only for today)
Xerxes Necklace Black : U&R Dogs (Twisted Hunt, free)
Xerxes Bracelet Black : U&R Dogs (buy for 3 store points)
**by joining the subscribe group, your given 3 points already
Exquise dress : SAKIDE (ABBH Hunt)
Arch Boots : House of Fox (free)

Have a nice day Everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pretty Michelle!!!

.. i don't know about you but i kinda grew this fascination of showing off
my teeth (for pictures atleast) so i tried it on with this Michelle skin and
saw a free shoes when i was trying to find a gift for my niece,
and it's so lovely to let it pass.. so what do you think?

Michelle Skin - Cocoa (new release) : Art Body Store
**Availalbe in 5 different tones

.. go and get yourself a demo.. thanks Vick Spitteler

What I'm Wearing..
Michelle Skin - Tan : Art Body Store (new release)
Teeth (tattoo layer) : TULI (free)
Amy Hair - Mahogany : A&A (ABBH Hunt)
**3 Hair all Mahogany color in the pack
Earrings and Necklace : Glamorize (20L)
Sculpted Nails : [TS] (1L @ Marketplace)
Monday Dress : Nemesis (ABBH Hunt)
Free Shoes : Similar (group gift)
**reminds myself to get back and buy a pair for myself

Enjoy your day!!
xoxo Cece

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

R'nR Babe!!!

(AMD) Kat Skin - Dark Tone (new release)
**Available in 5 different tones

Suck It Piercing : Acide (GSP Special)
**Includes a sticking out tongue

What I'm wearing...
Kat Skin - Tan : AMD (new release)
Black & White Hair : Dura (YIBHunt, buy carrot for 1L)
Ear Plugs : [Virtual/Insanity] (ABBH Hunt)
Suck It Piercing : Acide @ GSP (GSP Special)
R'nR Tattoo : Para Designs (ABBH Hunt)
Biscuit Necklace : {*I<3Fashion*} (ABBH Hunt)
Copper Rings : (R E D) MINT (1L @ Marketplace)
Music Top w/ mp3 : JeSyLiLo (ABBH  Hunt)
Sugar Butt Skinny Jeans : LEO-NT (VIP Gift, w/ fee)
Hool Boots : SANTO (free)

**note: look for pink cupcake for ABBH Hunt

thanks Apple May
thanks Acide Innovia

Monday, September 5, 2011


What I'm wearing..
Skin : MONS (subscribe gift)
Ages Hair - Ash Blonde : Heart Softens (CTD Hunt, free)
Earrings and Necklace : [DDL] @ TFG (50L)
Ethnic Bangle : TFG (group gift)
French Oval Nails : Natural Beauty (group gift)
Ethno Tunic - Blue : SMS (group gift)
Thong Sandal : COCO (currently on sale up to 75% off)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Rebel Girl!!!

..not that i am in HS, i'm more of the good-girl-i-don't-want-to-break-rules kinda girl
but i'm still cool tho (i think) i just don't want to do things beyond normal..
well anyway school starts so you need a cooler duo to make that boring uniform more
exciting.. so how about some milkshake, sorta kinda Avril kinda look?
What I'm wearing...
London Picadilly  Skin : Al Vulo (group gift)
Honey - Milkshake Hair : !Lamb (50L Friday Special)
Petit Fleur Glasses : Sweet Leonard (VIP group gift, 70L joining fee)
Pencil on mouth : *Boof*  (20L)
Rebellion Zipper Leather gloves : + eX + ezura (10L)
Barbwire Tattoo : Para Designs (free)
Basic Vest Tank - Purple : *[frenzy]* (Lucky Chair)
Old School Skirt, Socks and Tie : Poised (subscribe gift)
Lara Pumps - Black : Slink (subscribe gift)