Thursday, January 31, 2013


What I'm wearing...
Hair : (red)Mint (Color Demo, Free)
Alyss Skin : Al Vulo (Group Gift, Free)
Solo Sunglasses : Legal Insanity (New Release)
Face Piercing : Phoebe @ AL (Acid Lily, 40L)
I Hate Top : G O L A Industry (Subscriber's Gift, Free)
Miniskirt : Iron Claw (PMVHunt, Free)
Spikes Shoes : Whatever Town (Fashion Week Gift, Free)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

#623 ~ cuties!!!

...since i convinced them to buy this dress i might as well put this on my blog
coz we are so cute not to.. :p **you have to hurry tho coz they're
going to change collection soon.. 

Marie Floral Dress : le fil casse (Acid Lily, 70L Each)

check out Acid Lily's Official blog for more..

thanks to my good friend Nene and niece Hyeona

#622 ~ 46th DC Halftime & Innuendo

What I'm wearing...
Cheyenne Hair : Truth (Sale @ Truth District, 125L)
**wear tag to enter TRUTH District, group fee
Petal Skin & Make-ups : the Body Co. (50% Off Sale)
Dita Secretary Dress : LIV-Glam (Designer's Circle)
**w/ 24 color options via HUD
Diva Pose : Co*Motion (Designer's Circle)
Raven Shoes : INNUENDO (New Release)

Ravin Shoes (Brown) : INNUENDO (New Release)
**available in 8 colors with beautiful gold ornaments & HUD

check out the Designer's Circle blog to 
see the complete 46th Collection

Sunday, January 20, 2013

#621 ~ Sunday Goodies!!!

What I'm wearing...
Vent Hair : Lelutka @ Celoe (Group Gift, Free)
**still available in Celoe store not sure in Lelutka
Amberly - Melodia : Glam Affair (Group Gift, w/ fee)
**check group notices once joined
Sclera Eyes : Real Eyes (5L @ MP)
Diamonds Jewelry : Virtual Impressions (Group Gift, Free)
Fairy White with wings : Vero Modero (Tettered Fairy Hunt, Free)
hint : either is white or red, brunette or blond your best 
option to pick me is here at their feet 

.. for the full detailed picture check my post here

Friday, January 18, 2013

#620 ~ Freebie Fridays!!!

What I'm wearing...
LadyMana Hair : Catwa (New Release, w/ hoddie)
Alexandra Skin : Swallow (Group Gift, Free)
Gabriela Necklace : Phoebe (Acid Lily, 60L)
Glitters Storm Nails : SHOCK (Group Gift, Free)
Torn Tanktop : Iren (Group Gift, 99L Fee)
Mini Skirt : Pretty Liar (Hello Titty Hunt, Free)
Jean Bag : MDL (Dollarbie @ MP)
Vintage Sneakers : Balkanik2.0 (Group Gift, Free)

Have a great weekend girls!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

#619 ~ NeWwnEss!!!

Zukey Skin : Deesses (NEW RELEASE)
**Available in 5 different tones with 12 Eyeshadows & Lipsticks, Shape, Teeth, Brow & Cleavage options
..I'm wearing Milky Coffee tone with Eyeshadow #11 & Lipstick #3

Candy Hair (fatpack) : Catwa (Subscribe Gift, Free)
**if you already subscribe before, unsubscribe first to get the gift until Jan. 22

..Sexy sweaters, leggings and dresses were the first offering from coldLogic this year, something to keep you warm and yet showing off your legs, available in all sizes with lots of colors & patterns to choose from..

Lovern Dress : coldLogic (New Release)
Yapple Shirt : coldLogic (New Release)
Jessop Leggings : coldLogic (New Release)

DSOM Shoes : MV @ Acid Lily (Acid Lily, 70L)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

#618 ~ Blogger Challenge + Sale i was looking at the blogs im stalking, i came across this blogger challenge called 
What’s Your Beauty Base Zero? by Portia Pexington and so i hurriedly stripped
down my clothes and pose before my husband comes home.. husshhh! my blog i really don't have a skin default coz i mostly blog freebies but behind
the camera i'm a huge League (Taylor) fan, i've been wearing it for more than
two years and just two weeks ago i decided to try this Petal Skin from
the Body co. which btw is having a 50% - 75% Off Sale (dang i should have waited hmp)
but anyway i can still grab the make-ups so it's still yeheey! but don't
be in a hurry to get there rightnow coz sale ends until Jan.31 **smiles

tp to the Body co. @ The Warehouse

..and after taking a bath and putting on my make-up and dyeing my hair
black **giggles** I eagerly pose for " THE EARTH HOUR PROFILE PROJECT"
by a fellow filipina blogger Dana Yotov.. and if you wanna join
sign up HERE  or IMed her and set your appointments..

i sign up for this one coz i truly believe in the project  (i'm an environmentalist 
by profession, BS Envi Sci)  and once worked for the environment, 
tho i'm currently working in another field rightnow..


Friday, January 11, 2013

#617 ~ Promo!!!

Arlene Outfit : Innuendo (Promo Price, 55L)
**includes mesh dress in different sizes, necklace & lipstick

Other items worn:
Hair : Clawtooth
Skin : Hush
Bracelets : Mandala

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Shiver Skin : Hush (Group Gift, Free)
Lipstick and Liner : Flirt Cosmetics (Acid Lily, 50L)
Bodycon Shoulder Dress : ISON (Group Gift, Free)
**search for AVENUE Magazine Readers group to get the dress
Top and Trouser : Emery (Group Gift, Free)
Tuxedo Jaceket with dress : COCO (Group Gift, Free)

Other Items worn:
Hair : Clawtooth
Bracelets : Mandala
Shoes : Redgrave
Necklace : Earthstones

**for update regarding Curio and Hush Case, read full details HERE

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


 What I'm wearing...
Hairs : (50% Off Retirement Sale)
**everything in store @ 50% Off until Jan. 13
Party Girl Skin : Curio Skins (Group Gift, Free)
**search for Gala & Rita Design Announcements group
Breakout Hoodie : BTS (Acid Lily, 70L)
Belly Piercing : Phoebe (Acid Lily, 40L)
Leather Look Leggings : Fiend (Acid Lily, 70L)
Frayed Shorts : Ducknipple
Boots : MoYaZ (Acid Lily, 70L)

TP to Acid Lily NOW for more deals!!!

check out the blog for more info:

Monday, January 7, 2013


 What I'm wearing...
Kate Skin : Belleza (New Years Gift, Free)
Black Shadow Jewelry Set : VR Jewelry (DC Round #45)
**includes earrings, necklace, bracelets & rings with hud
Unique Dress : LIV-Glam (DC Round #45)
My Sweet Tote :  Aushka & Co (Group Gift, Free)
Hair : Analog Dog
Shoes : Similar 

check out the official blog for Designer's Circle Round 45th:

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

#613 ~ Acid Lily

.. this is the last round of Acid Lily for 2012 and i must say they end the year right
with lots of quality items not over than 70L from awesome designers, check it out !
Shannon Dress : LMD @ Acid Lily
(Available in 10 colors, 70L each)
Ella Necklace : AXL pro Fashion (1L @ MP)
My Point Dress : Bitch Tail @ Acid Lily
(Includes Lola Breast Applier, 70L)

check out Acid Lily's Blog : 

Other Items worn:
Hair : Exile
Skin : Body Co.
Bracelets : Mandala
Shoes : Redgrave

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

#612 ~ Happy New Year!!!

..hi girls! sorry that i was away most of December but i'll make it up to you, 
and thank you for always being here checking my blog..
January Hair ~ Happy 2013 : TRUTH Hair (Subscribe Gift, Free)
Ceara Skin : Step Inside (Designer's Circle Round #44)
Earrings & Necklace : +Divinity+ (Designer's Circle Round #44)
Lace Top (Blue) : Eyelure (Designer's Circle Round #44)
Left Outfit :
Knit Curie Dress : Mu-Shi Dolls (Designer's Circle Round #44)
Diva Ankle Boots : HollyHood (Designer's Circle Round #44)
                                                                                                                           Right Outfit:
Rachel Dress : [(Masoon)] (Designer's Circle Round #44)
Bow Heels : even.flow (Designer's Circle Round #44)

TP to Designer's Circle NOW!!!

cheers girls!
Cecelia Levee