Tuesday, August 31, 2010

more gifts!!!

Sexy outfit with boots (group gift) : *Urban Girl*

Race Dress (group gift) : *syaka*
Slippers with lace cuffs (lucky board) : *Ribbon*

White dress with bag and slippers (group gift) : *syaka*

Leopard Tunic and boots (free) : *syaka*

Orchid and Amaryllis Skins (free) : *Powder Room*


Some subscribe gifts for the ladies..

.. this dress usually cost 150L but if you subscribe to *My Precious*
you can get this fab dress for 10L only.. plus this aqua green gown
for free after subscribing..

.. this Maritima gown is free from *auTre* which you can find at the
table and the two lovely minis via SOM, just go over the history and
look for #8 to get the purple one, green is send out right after subscribing..

Monday, August 30, 2010

freebies!!! again.. lol

.. sorry it's kinda late for me update my post, but
i hope you will like this..

Tight Emerald dress (MM Board) : *Poised*
and below is for the male (2nd floor)

(tell your guy about it.. hehehe)

Pink Bijoux dress (1L) and Flora Shoes (1L)
both from *Donna Flora*

Summer Mash Up outfit (free) : *DCNY*

Black minis (1L) : *DCNY*

Tops are all from *Roxxstar*, blue from MM board, black and pink
are group gifts ; Leggings which comes in 6 colors are all from *DCNY*

1. Blue ripped top (Lucky chair) and skin (subscribe gift) : *SD*
2. Top (free) : *Magoa*
Skin (free) : *Roxxstar*

Saturday, August 28, 2010


.. i love color, don't you just love it too?

Axe Outfit (group gift) : *Lunas Boutique*

other available colors included

Naughty top (fatpack, 1L) : *RMA*
Leggings and boots (group gift) : *COCO*

other available colors included


Bandoura Design has new items added on the discounted
area, a new dollarbie and 2 lucky boards which changes every 1 min
plus there are free items for group members too..

Sweater (1L)

Group Gifts

Dress from discounted area (5L each)


... oh i don't know what to say anymore but here's for today
and  /me whispers: the boots is also cool for guys.. get it!

Tyrolean Tunic (Takuni Hunt, free) : *EM*
Lowrise Pants (free) : *529*
Unisex Western Boots (Takuni Hunt, free) : *J's*

Sleek Ruby outfit (MM Board) : *Poised*
Hair w/ hat (free) : *CriCri*

Leather Minis (group gift) : *Opium*

Skin (subscribe gift, #1) : *Tasty*
Striped Sweater (MM Board, fatpack) : *FK Virtues*
(thanks to my supportive friends who showed up to slap the board, x0x0)

**for the Takuni Hunt, you will be looking for a pink clamp shell**

Friday, August 27, 2010


freebies before i go to sleep for tonight.. :)

Blue gem dress (subscribe gift) : *Lois Designs*

Tease Latex (MM board) : *Sassy*

1. Crazy girl outfit (subscribe gift) : *SLC*
2. Red Gown (free) : *Lunas*
3. Pink Candy (free) : *Lunas*

Thursday, August 26, 2010

great deal!!!

.. i love purple so when i got the notecard about this free gown, 
i never wasted so much time and the bikini is a must have too..

Julia Purple (free) : *Corvoitise*

Lovable in chocolate (10L, limited time) : *LA Designs*

Ikea Dress (free) : *Gato*
Shoes (MM Board) : *Fadabebe*
Eyewear (5L) : *Imani*

Bikini (group gift) : *Opium*
Shoes (MM Board) : *Ingenue*
Eyewear (5L) : *Imini*

Gossip Candy & Plastic Candy Skin (group gift) : *Lurani*

*all hairs that are used comes from *TRUTH* with 50% off til Sept. 3.


.. i went shopping with my friend Nailah today and i'm very
excited because she agreed to pose with me, here's some
fab finds in >IMANI< in which everything is 5L.
the clothes are trendy and i love the colors!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FTLO Hunt!!!

.. the theme for this hunt is science and you will be looking for a
small colored blue robot like this pic below..

Pink Stripe shirt : *Medley*
White Polo undershirt : *SDM*
Shorts, socks and eyeglasses : *Tastybeans*

Pink Cami dress : *A&M*
Necklace : *Acide*
Sandals : *Swansong*

Cherry Jumper : *Paper.Doll*
Necklace : *Ticky Tacky*

Tweed Outfit : *Shush*
Keychain : *Cool Beans*

Hair: *Garage*
Shirts : *Rezipsa Loc*

Skin : *Leafy*
Hair : *Posh*
Shirt 1: *KoqStar*

Pic 1 : Shirt : *C.Smit*
Pic 2 : Shirt : *Casa del Shai*


freebies for today..

Sexy Red (group gigf) : *Urban Girl*

Plaid Shirt (1L) : *M2M*
Torn thights (free) : *Glasnost*
(skirt is part of the red dress but i re-tint it to black)

Skin 1 (camp prize for 20 mins) : *FhangCandy*
Skin 2 (group gift) : *Imabee*

1. Top and Pants (FYH) : *Relentless Couture*
2. Pink Tank and Ripped shorts (free) : *MFP*
3. Top is part of a swimsuit (group gift) : *Tasty*
Flowered Jeans (1L) : *Rezipsa Loc*

(all hair used are from the gift at Posh, not available)