Sunday, April 29, 2012


What I'm wearing...
Vic Hair : Miss C. (previously @ TTB)
Lynn Skin : Mariko ( Group Lucky Board, free)
Lisa Earrings & Necklace : Virtual Impressions (Group Gift, free)
OversizeCoin purse : Priss (Free for all)
Under My Umbrella Tops : HolliPocket (Lazy Sunday Special, 50L Each)
**note that these tops are a bit naughty with a hint of nips, i just
Photoshop it to match it's innocent face, **giggles
Ril Yellow Shorts (MESH) : BCC (Group Lucky Board, free)

have a great sunday girls!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Lovely Skin : Revenge Store (Group Gift, free)
Gem Eyes in Sunset : ID (Group Gift, free)
Luce Earrings / Necklace : WTG (Free)
Hair : Truth (Not Free)

Mori Cocktail Dress (MESH) ~ New Release!!!

try demo first before buying

thanks Ms. Agnes Finney

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


What I'm Wearing...
Hair : Tukinowaguma
Frita Skin : Mystic Canvass (#18 MAGGHunt, free)
Yippy Bands (Threes) : Sleeping Koala (New Release)
Chantilly Top : Ibizarre (Closing Sale, 25L)
**Everything in store is for sale at 25L each until April 30
including new release & mesh clothing
Lacey Bumbum Jeans : HolliPocket @ GSP (2 Colors & Pants Cuffs design)
**there is also a similar pants you can grab for free at The Jersey Shore
for Spring is Here Hunt until April 30
Poison Heels : N-Core (295L Limited Time)
**i'm not sure as to when will the sale ends so be sure to visit the soonest,
just look for the shoes with the 295L Tag in it

thanks Koala & Holli
<3 Cecelia

Sunday, April 22, 2012


What I'm wearing...
Elfjie Hair : Mina Hair @ TTB (75L for Essential Colors)
Chanda Skin : ::mar::CS (Group Gift, free)
Lizza Earrings : Eluzion (Subscribe Gift, free)
Roxi Corset & Leather Skirt - Red : My Precious (New Release)
**it's also available in Blue, Pink, Purple, Black and Teal
which is good for mix 'n match..
Gina Shoes - Red Glitters : Masha Shoes (New Release)
**it's available in different colors and patterns with hud

thanks Ms. Agnes Finney and Ms. Masha Fohtic

<3 Cecelia

Friday, April 20, 2012

#510 ~ All Dress!!!

..hello girls! i played with my skins and i paired it with this awesome
fabulous dress you can get for free, i bet your going to love
this clothes as much as i do..
1. Set Zaya Dress (Purple) : Chloe (Group Gift, free)
2. Animal Print Tops & Skirt (Mixed) : Envy Me (Kawaii Fair, Free)
3. Nadia Dress (Green): Bilo (Group Gift, free)
4. Anabella Dress (Green) : Gloxx Store (Group Gift, free)
5. Dare You Dress (Lime) : B&T Design (Group Gift, free)
6. Pretty Woman Dress (Pink) : Dew (Group Gift, free)
**BenS Beauty Group to get this outfit along with the earrings

<3 kisses from me...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

#509 ~ Hunts!!!

What I'm wearing..
Leah Skin : Glam Affair @ TDR (70L)
Veronica White Necklace : Phoebe (EBH2, free)
**partially mesh in 6 different size, your looking for a carrot until April 30
Lady Butterfly Outfit : Adoness (TLBHunt, 1L each)
**includes hair, eyes, dress, shoes, nails & butterfly attachments, look for
a blue glowing butterfly pendant (just like what i show on pic 1) and
buy it for 1L each for 8 objects that can be found inside the mainstore
only until May 8.. lots of time to check it out girlies!!!

thanks Phoebe Ubert & Cruella Pennell

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#508 ~ coldLogic

Lepore Tube Top w/ Jacket & Capri Pants : coldLogic (new! new! new!)
**can be worn with jacket too or simply just a tube top or both and is 
available in 6 different color combinations to mix & match in different sizes
Ice Cream Hair : LoQ @ TDRBlue (70L for 4 Hair color)
**i recolor/retexture the hat to fit my outfit..
May Tube Top w/ Jacket & Capri Pants: coldLogic (new! new! new!)
**can be worn as a tube top, jacket only or both in 6 different colors
that matches the capri with 4 sizes to choose from
Dandy Hair : Exile @ TDRBlue (60L for 4 colors)
Early, Keen and Carter Tops : coldLogic (new! new! new!)
**Various tops available in different yummy colors and sizes

thanks coldLogic Team!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

#507 ~ Gowns!!!

April Gown : Azul (Group Gift, free)
Marlene Gown : PurpleMoon (Group Gift, w/ fee)
Jewelry : PurpleMoon (Subscribe Gift, free)
Exotica Gown : Morea Style (Group Gift, free)

have a great monday girlies!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


What I'm wearing...
April Skin : Filthy (Group Gift, w/ fee)
Bunny Hair (fatpack) : Truth (Subscribe Gift, check history#1)
Fae Eyes : MY Precious (NEW RELEASE)
Cherry Earrings/Necklace : Concrete Flowers (free! free! free!)
Weasel Dress : LINE (Subscribe Gift, check history #1)
Fea Eyes Collection : My Precious (NEW RELEASE)
thanks Ms. Agnes Finney

have a nice thursday luvlies!!
<3 cecelia

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#505 ~ Wear Gray for a Day

**My Precious** ~ Summer Bliss Blouse & Skirt 

..proceeds of the Wear Gray for a Day event will go to American Brain 
Tumor Association (ABTA) to help raise funds and awareness about 
Brain Cancer, event will end on April 22 with more info here..

What I'm wearing..
Anne Skin : Swallow (Group Gift, free)
Bahar Hair : Miss C. (Euphoria Pre-Spring Sale, 50L)
Lana Leather Tote : Flestone (Euphoria Pre-Spring Sale, 50:)
Blouse & Skirt : My Precious @ Wear Gray Event (Wear Gray Event)
**thanks Ms. Agnes Finney
Serenity Salmon Bow Heels : P10 (Group Gift, free) save a life!!!
<3 Cecelia

Saturday, April 7, 2012

#504 ~ Easter Hunt at PM

..hello pwetty ladies!!! who's in for a little hunt? if you are then time to
squeeze in your sexy asses at PurpleMoon and look for 10 purple eggs
that are hidden inside the store, no group tags required just you and
all your sexy friends to enjoy.. all clothing, accessory and boots worn
can be found in the hunt with just a little bit of waiting for all the eggs
to rez (8 can be found at the mainstore 1st floor and 2 at Boho house across)
and also don't forget to drop by at EUPHORIA for some Pre-Spring Sale..

TP to PurpleMoon Mainstore NOW!!!

..the hunt is until April 15..

Other Items worn:
Hello, Goodbye Hair : Shag @ E U P H O R I A (Pre-Spring sale, 50L)
Leilani Skin : Al Vulo

.. did I already mention i lurve Purple??? i just did! :p

Friday, April 6, 2012


What I'm wearing..
Runway Hair : Dura (TRPH2 #23, free)
Leilani Skin : Al Vulo (Group Gift, free)
Aphrodite Earrings/Necklace : Chop Zuey (TRPH2 #40, free)
Gia Clutch : R.icielli  (Easter Hunt #19, 15L)
Audrey Outfit : CHG  (TRPH2 #05, free)
**including shoes with hud

have a good Friday everyone!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


What I'm wearing...
Vicky Hair : TRUTH @ Truth District (currently 50% off until April 7)
Sarah Skin w/ Eyeshadow : R.icielli (Easter Hunt #15, 15L)
Alexia Earrings : Phoebe (Fashioncentric Hunt, free)
Suki Dress - Blue : My Precious (NEW RELEASE, MESH)
**this include the Gloves and Ruffles with 5 colors to choose from
while the pink color is discounted for VIP members.. and don't
forget to get the April Subscribe gift and VIP Gift waiting at the lobby..
Shoes: Similar (old gift)

thanks Ms. Agnesy Finney & Phoebe Ubert

Sunday, April 1, 2012


..Hello luvlies!!! Mesh is no longer mesh-ing nowadays.. I, for one is
one of the mesh-convert and i'm loving it and today i will feature
the newly release tube dress from *BOOM* which are available
in different yummy colors with lots of sizes to suit your body type..
and it wouldn't be complete without few freebies and good stuff to go with..
Hye Tube Dress (Royal Purple) **NEW RELEASE**
Taut Tube Dress (Ruby) **NEW RELEASE**

thanks Ms. Aranel Ah

What I'm wearing...
Perri Hair : Exile @ TDRBlue (TDR Blue, 60/4 color)
Maryam Skin : JeSyLiLo @ TDR Blue (TDR Blue, 70L)
French Nails : BenS Beauty (Group Gift, Free)
Charlie Jewelry Set : Virtual Impressions (Group Gift, Free)
Shoes : PM

have a great sunday!!!