Sunday, February 27, 2011

Belleza & Vextra

...ohhh wow! Belleza released today their new face Melissa which
is equally pretty as this new halter dress from Vextra Fashion..
Melissa Skin (group gift, 250L joining fee) : *Belleza*
**7 Tones with Hairbase and Cleavage option
**Check notices or visit store to get the previous gifts
Margarita Halter dress (new release) : *Vextra Fashion*

thanks Vextra Messing

Other Items
Hair : [69]
Shoes (already blogged) : N-Core

Friday, February 25, 2011

St. Patrick's Day!!!

... Saint Patrick's Day  is a religious holiday celebrated internationally 
on 17th of March. It is named after Saint Patrick , the most commonly 
recognized of the patron saints of Ireland.. I'm not Irish nor Catholic
but i love green **laughs..
Cute Minidress (group gift) : *Bliss Couture*
Gown w/ cute hat (free) : *VictoriaV Fashion*
**thanks Sam for the whisper

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vanity Skin Fair 2011!!!

.. i manage to get it early this morning in my not so pretty noob look
just to take a glimpse of what is happening inside the Vanity Skin Fair,
as expected many skin brands are participating from the famous to the
up and coming designers, aside from the demos i also bring home with me
this sports outfit from Gawk here (male version too), 
a pretty skin from YSYS here ..
.. very colorful eyeshadows  from Aleida here and the very kissable
pouting lipsticks from Curio here, there are still other freebies you
can find if your too brave to fight the lag which is cause by the not
so very considerate shoppers..
.. the fair will end on March 6 ..

Hunt & MM!!!

..hello ladies! a combination of hunt and MM for today and hope
you can slap that MM board coz it's definitely a must have..
Seduction in Lime (VVDH) : *Sassy!*
Valentine Tank Top w/ Jeans (VVDH) : *Custom iNKZ*
Accessories (group gift, check notices) : *Annoying Japanese Children*
Lucky Me Top (MDV Hunt) : *HolliPocket*
Twinkle Booty (subscribe gift) : *HolliPocket*
Dare Minis (MM Board) : *Custom iNKZ*
**4 Color Dress with black top and pasties included
**107/350 at the moment
Sin Dress (MM Board) : *Custom iNKZ*
**109/250 at the moment

Other Items
Hair (new) : Maitreya
Skin : League

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


..ready for your hot date tonight? i've got girly girl dress for
you to choose from which will surely empress your date.. :)
Powered Sugar short dress (group gift) : *Latte*
**it comes with a tiara and a long skirt version
 Vintage Valentines dress (group gift, check notices) : *Vain Inc.*
**It's a gift from {Meghindo's} which includes earrings, bracelet 
and shoes (which is not shown) 
**You can get this dress as group gift for Meghindo's group members
but there's  a 250L joining fee here
Club Corsets (new release) : *Garage*
High-Waisted shorts w/ belt (group gift) : *Urban Girl*
Glitter Hotpants (group gift) : *LeeZu!*

thanks Slava Parkin of Garage

All poses are from TuttiFrutti

Sunday, February 20, 2011

SD Wear & TuttiFrutti!!!

✰ The birthday runs from Feb 19th - Feb 27th
 ✰ Everything is 50% Off
 ✰ The Sale is at the Main Store & all Boutiques

tp to SD WEAR

4 Year Exclusive Dress for only 25L
It includes: sculpted dress, sculpt necklace,
sash, top, glitch pants and shoulder pads.
Summer Vaarwel Outfit
Captive Outfit
Jacket (free for the 4th year celebration)
Kiss me Shirt and Denim Miniskirt (group gift) : *The Death*
thanks Desdemona Young

All Poses used except last pic are from *TuttiFrutti*

thanks Bela Tolsen

Other Items
Hair1 : [69]
Hair2 (VIP Gift) : [e]
Shoes (1st 2 picture, free) : N-Core
Ankle Boots : Bax

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hotta Weekend!!!

.. oh lingerie! i have the house for myself now coz my husband isn't home
yet so i put on this sexy lingerie in my favorite color and
make use of this classic chair coz i can't do it when he is home
(well i can but i can't finish my post) **giggles

Happy Weekend Everyone!

.. plus one of my favorite shoe maker has a new freebie..
 Classic Char w/ 10 sit anims (free) : *BehaviorBody*
Lingerie (group gift) : *Movin Lingerie*
Sense ExtremeHeel (group gift) : *N-Core*
White w/ red bow dress (group gift) : *!Right Fashion*
Black w/ silver dress (group gift) : *Morea Style*

**these two dress are perfect for the weekend date
Preview of  J1, J2 and J3 Skin Freebie : *JeSyLiLo @ Skinfair*
*will be available only at Skin Fair which will start tomorrow
until March 1, you still can't get in today :)
Big Booty minis (new release) : *Foxy Avatar*
**there are other available yummy colors to choose

thanks Carolina of Foxy Avatar and Lilo of JeSyLilO

Other items
Hair (new) : Maitreya
Jewelry : EarthStones

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


..i usually don't wear skin with freckles coz i don't have it in rl
but i think it's kinda cute, don't you think?..
Yvonne skin (1L) and Monika (LB) : *Mother Goose's*
White Lingerie (subscribe gift) : *Wolfmoon Designs*
Red/Black dress (ILSLF Hunt) : *Temptation*
He Loves Me Best Dress (Subscribe gift) : *Kyoot*
Red Pumps (subscribe gift) : *Aleida*
**Unfortunately No History but still subscribe for future gifts
Earrings and Necklace (60L) : *Glow Studio @ TDR8

Other Items :
Hair : !Lamb
Bangles and Nails : Mandala

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


...a mix of freebies and yummy new
 releases from Garage and TuttiFrutti...
Hair (subscribe gift) : *Magika*
**subscribe then touch the picture
Lady T Shoes (subscribe gift) : *PM*
**not available in history but be sure to 
subscribe for next gift
Big Stripes Tanktops (group gift) : *LeeL*
Leggings (new release) : *Garage*
Lola dress (new release) : *Garage*
Traveled Jeans (Group LB) : *TuttiFrutti*
Peace and Love Jeans (free) : *TuttiFrutti*

Thanks Bela of TuttiFrutti, Slava of Garage and LeeLoo of LeeL

Sunday, February 13, 2011


.. hi everyone! who can resist red lips huh? hehehe so take a trip
to TDR for this weeks discounted items, and pair it with the
black jacket and bag and the PM shoes is just perfect for this top
and you've got a sexy look for your Valentines date..
Nina Skin (70L) : *[Glam Affair @ TDR]*
Anita Hair (free) : *[EMO-tions]*
Accessories (60L) : *[Glow Studio @ TDR]*
Jacket and Skirt (group gift) : *[Kunglers]*
Leopart print shirt (part of a dress, TVDH) : *[Ducknipple]*
Black Bag (free) : *[Iconic Couture]*
Aubrey Bangles (free) : *[Exodi]*
**find the small red box

Other Item:
Shoes (previously blogged) : PM


SySy & A.E.Meth

..hello! showing newness for today and don't forget to grab
this Barb gown in Strawberry color which is marked down til tomorrow..
Barb Gown (Strawberry, 125L) : *[SySy]*
Special Sale until Valentines days
Lip Cream Lipstick (new) : *[a.e.meth]*
 Lip Creme Lipstick features fourteen sexy, creamy shades that work with many skins. 
A variety of red, pink, and brown shades are included for all skin tones.
Other Available colors of Barb gown which is not part of the sale

thanks SySy Chapman and Aemeth.Lysette

Other Items:
Hair : [69]
Accessory : Mood

SE*Designs releases from [SE*Designz]..
Open Vest w/ optional tank top
Mandala Tattoo
Super Low-rise Jeans
Buddhism Tattoo
Long Overall Valentine
Pink Strapless Gown

thanks Stella Eaton

Other items:
Hair : [69]
Shoes (Valentines gift) : P10

Saturday, February 12, 2011


.. i finally got hold of my husband's busy schedule lately so i told him
that he has to pose with me for today's post **evil grin** so i took him to
Eiffel Tower but ngek it's a no rez area and so are the famous other landmarks
so we just settled to play the animations individually and try to reach for each 
others hand at Battery Park.. isn't it sweet? looks like the love bugs 
caught me this time.. haha!.. blah blah blah.. ok enough cecelia :)
On Her:   Hair (group gift, 250 joining fee) : *[e]*
Dress (currently on sale for 25L all items in store) : *La Femme Couture*
Shoes (Valentines group gift) : *P10*

On Him: Formal Suit/Pants (group gift) : *Gizza Creations*


Early Val Gifts!!!

..hello ladies! time for a round up of pretty freebies today..
Hair (group gift) : *Liriope*
Veronica Red dress (TVDH) : *Shush*
Valentine Shawl (group gift) : *Bliss Couture*
Hair (free) : *Liriope*
Flower dot outfit (TVDH) : *Y&R*
Skin (group gift, 30L fee) : *Glam Affair*
**check notices to retrieved the skin
Hair (free) : *Iconic Couture*
Lazy Sweater (free) : *Pig*
Valentine Lingerie (group gift) : *Garage*
Jewelry (Icon Hunt) : *MOOD*

Other item:
Shoes : Maitreya

Thursday, February 10, 2011


 ... who is in for some hunt? don't worry girls they're so easy to find ...
 Hair (VIP group gift, 250L join fee, check history) : *[e]*
Skin (free in all tones) : *AMD*
Off shoulder & Jacket (2nd Deluxe Hunt, 10L each) : *R.icielli*
**look for the gold key, too big to miss
Oh So Pretty Dress in black and red (TVDH) : *Sassy Kitty Designs*
**look for pink heart
Lady T - Jaguar (subscribe gift) : *Pixel.Mode*
**unfortunately not available in history but be sure to 
subscribe for the next gift


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


..putting make-up in rl takes time especially if you wanna look good
but it's a good thing in sl it's just a click away.. haha! isn't it amazing?
Deathly Attraction dress (new) : *SD Wears*
Available in 3 colors 
✰ Each Dress includes: Lace blouse, silk bra, stockings, glitch pants, 
sculpted cincher, sculpted shoulder cuffs, and prim flexi skirt.
Les Make-ups (subscribe gift) : *Miamai*

thanks Desdemona of SD Wears

Other Items
Hair (old gift) : LoQ
Skin (currently on sale) : Dutch Touch
Boots : Bax

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 .. just before i sleep..
 Hair (group gift) : *Mach*
Red dress (free) : *Pesca*
Jacket (free, male version available) : *Pivaaca*
Vintage Infinity Scarft (ILSLF Hunt) : *Zeery*
Shannen Boots (new) : *BM*
**the socks can be toggled on or off and comes w/ other colors**

thanks Pixieplumb of BM

i ❤ SL!!!

.. yay! i just got accepted as an iheartsl blogger and this is my very first
post for the review copies sent..
Skin (currently on sale for 250L/set) : *Dutch Touch*
Journey Jewelry Set (new) : *Aluinn*

Bree Panty and Bra (new) : *VEXTRA Fashion*

Thanks Bratty Slade of Aluinn and Vextra Messing of Vextra Fashion

... and girls don't worry.. freebies and lots of freebies is still yet to come

Other Item:
Hair : Ploom

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bear + Heart!!!

..good morning!.. **yawn
Friend Bear shorts (new, 10L only) : *Censored*
Flats (subscribe gift) : *Indie Rose*
Purple Vday shirt & minidress below are all group gifts from *Ange*,
just check on the notices to retrieved it..

thanks Cindy

Other items:
Hair (old gift) : Maitreya
Skin : League

Sunday, February 6, 2011

MENStuff Hunt!!!

..hi guys! something for you all this time around, i gathered a few
hunt items for the MENstuff Hunt which runs from Jan. 28-Feb.28
and you will be looking for a black t-shirt.. for hints and SLURL here
and a peek of what to expect here, there are skins, shapes and everything else..
Blue Tunice (male version) : *Zaara*
Brown Pants (w/ tops not shown) : *KC Design*

Jacket, Shirt & Pants : *Geezer Garments*

Sweater, Shirt & Pants : *Wilson's*
Virginian Outfit including hat : *SF Design*

Hunter Outfit including shoes : *OKEY Design*

Bewildered/Nightshade Outfit : *Hardwear*
Shoes : *FIR & MNA*

Non-Hunt Items
Hair (free) : *UW*
Skin : Unique Megastore

Saturday, February 5, 2011

TDR Blue!!!

.. ok i gave in.. i still went to The Dressing Room Blue to look at the 
new collection and i end up buying something.. grrrr! rofl..
  Jita skin w/ blush option (70L) : MONS
On Stage Pink set (70L) : Mimikri
Cynthia Hair (60L) : Exile
Headpiece (50L) : Glow Studio
 Keo/Sable Brown Hair (70L) : KLETVA
Bodysuit Jeane (70L) : Emery
Sex & the City Bag (55L) : Glow Studio

**note: Only available in TDR not on their mainstores