Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not a Secret Anymore!!!

Froufrou Dress - Inbloom (Modavia group gift) : *The Secret Store*
Baby T Pumps in Pearl (subscribe gift) : *Pixel Mode*
**there's no history but be sure to subscribe for the next gift

Other Item
Skin : Al Vulo (not free)
Hair : Lelutka (not free)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Elena Skin (group gift) : *Al Vulo*
Simply Pink Dress (group gift, check notices) : *auTre*
Wide Waist Belt (free) : *fri.day*
Tolay Hat (subscribe gift) : *LiNe*
Serenity Ocean Heels (group gift) : *P10*

Other Item
Hair (free) : V9
**already blogged

My Precious!!!

... when i featured My Precious in the past, i got an IM from the creator
saying she saw and even liked it, i was very happy that she took time
to IM me and for a striving blogger wannabe that was my precious moment..
what's your My Precious experience?.. i know how!
check out Agnes Finney's My Precious gowns now.. tp here
Diantha Gown (new release)
**Available in 4 colors
June Summer Dress (subscribe gift, 10L)

thanks Agnes Finney

Weekend Specials!!!

..!Right has this special offers for limited time..
Summer Jeans and Top w/ Sash (60L Weekend Offer)
**available in 3 colors
Maruscha dress (89L Weekly Offer til June 3)
**available in 3 colors

thanks Chris Lodenwald

Teagan in Peachy (50L til Sunday midnight) : *AMD*
**50L in each tone w/ 4 make-up option
Lucy Hair (Group gift) : *HS*

happy weekends everyone!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

SLC Special!!!

Complete Michelle Outfit  
(99L for Low Letter Special, 499L Original Prize)
**includes Ruffled top, Jeans, Sandal, Sunglasses, 
Earrings and Necklace

taxi to *SLC*

thanks Serina Lacava

Pink Label Gifties!!!

Summer Dreams Mini dress (group gift exclusive)
**can be worn as a swimsuit too
Dita Leather Pumps (group gift exclusive)
**includes a hud which controls skin tone, resize, heel click plus options
such as heel and buckle metals and star metals as well as choosing 
whether to show or hide them.

tp to *Pink Label* now..

thanks Ms. Talena Carissa

Friday, May 27, 2011

BDR Newness!!!

.. BDR releases it's new full outfit named "Untouched" which can be worn
differently and it includes sneaker boots, tattoo and make-up
in different layers. It isavailable in 9 different colors and i love
purple so i'm trying on the purple for you guys to see..
..it's on sale for the special release price of 99L only 
both in store and marketplace..

thanks Cameron Vasiliov

Thursday, May 26, 2011


.. i've always been a fan of *Angelwing* and i even asked my friend before
who works as a model if she can talk into giving to me one of her uniform instead
and the owner graciously considered sending me to me (probably won't remember that),
...this new release Adorabelle Silks/Fairy set is a 21 piece high detailed set
which comes in pink, lavender, green, black or white.All colours are 
available with either gold or silver jewelery and include strip scripts, 
2 diferent skirt styles, wings, 2 staffs with different stand poses, hand fan,
lockmeister scripts and anklet bells. Adorabelle can be worn either as 
silks, or as fairy outfit and i choose to wear it as  silks in pink..
.. and for this week only (may 21-28) they've put the Blue Adorabelle
as a hunt item and once the hunt is over, your only chance to get Adorabelle 
silks in blue will be to stalk the lucky chairs in the shop.

thanks Angel6 Susanti

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pretty in skirts!!!

.. free-flowing dresses paired with a very pretty hair..
Wang in Dye tones hair (free) : *vive9*
Viola Maxi dress (free) : *REMY*
Earrings and Headband (free) : *Silvery K*
Kimono dress (group LB) : *C'est la vie!*
Summer Love dress (free) : *EmJay*
One piece cotton dress (group gift0 : *pesca*

thanks for the awesome freebies designers :)

Cute Freebies!!!

Nerd Girl skin- Pale/Blonde (subscribe gift) : *Mango, Mango!*
May flowers dress (group gift) : *Cupcakes*
Green Retro dress (for Modavia Group) : *Coeur Noir*
Simple Black dress (Lucky Board) : *[AV]*
Summer dress(free) : *RUSH*


Monday, May 23, 2011

TBS & G.Field!!!

..*TBS* Releases it's next gen skin named MENA and they're giving
a special make-up for the group members..
Mena Special Make-up (group gift)
Mena Skin (new release)

thanks Essenza Lane

Puff Sleeve Top and Maxi Skirt (subscribe gift) : *G.Field*

Other Items
Hair : [69]


..*Poised* recently release a hot sporty minidress in fun colors called Play..
thanks Poise Collins


..i'm feeling lazy today and so decided to just hangout in my new
lingerie from *CandyDoll* which comes in 12 yummy colors in all layers..
/me hopes my neighbors won't mind.. i guess not huh?
Lazy Lingerie Blue (new release)
Lazy Lingerie Lila (new release)

thanks Rebeca Dembo

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Outfits (May group gift, 5L fee) : *Chandelle*
Hairs (free, fatpacks of both hair) : *!lamb*
Shoes (ICSHunt, Ice Cream Cone) : *Flax Pye*
Feather Earrings in gold (10L) : *PM*
Striped Shirt and Salopette skirt (free) : *milky-way*
Dollie Blouse (group gift) : *Toxic kitty*
Jean Mini Skirt (free, i just wear it as a pants) : *Honey Soul8
Eraa Bag  (group gift) : *Miamai*
Purple Flats (free) : *Roly-Poly*


IRight Offers!!!

.. special offers from *!Right*..
Summer Outfit Anett (60L Weekend Special)
**until Sunday Midnight
Summer Outfit Karla (Weeklong Special for 89L Only)
 Includes : Top, Shorts, Bangles and Shades
**until Friday May 27

thanks Chris Lodenwald

Other Items
Hair : Truth
Shoes : PM

Saturday, May 21, 2011

JD and Grimorio!!!

Flower Necklace (new release) : *JD Design*
Eagle Blue Gown (Inauguration free dress) : *Grimorio*

thanks Joice Dreamscape
thanks Dwin Wexler


... SE*Designs released new set of bikini collection and they're also
having a promo for their male section, in every purchased of new release
Beach Shorts, they can get a bikini to be sent to their ladylove, isnt it a good deal?..
White Twist Bikini
Yellow Triangle Bikini
Pink Neckholder Bikini
Blue Halter Bikini

Suki Skin (new release) : *MAR cStudio*
**all skin used on the pictures above are Suki Line in Pale tone

thanks Stella Eaton
thanks Marietta Washborne

Thursday, May 19, 2011

DK Designs!!!

.. DK Designs New Release and 55L Thurs item..
Emma Minidress (55L thursday special)
Sultry Minidress (New Release)
4 colours for this supersexy minidress that you can buy 
50% off if you are a subscriber for more than 30 days.

Excuse Me I'm the DJ!

...for the DJ wannabe in you..
Dreads Hair (dollarbie) : *dDx*
Mini Moushou (dollarbie) : *Moushou World*
**you can name it and it allows you to let them say something on local,
used as a poofer and music too..
Bulldog Tattoo (free) : *Para Designs*
Sexy Top and miniskirt (Dare2Bare Hunt) : *CD*
Wood DJ's Booth (SSHunt) : *Blue Sky*
**it can be rez or worn if your saving prim or can't rez it

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Aphotic Gloom Newness!!!

.. take a look at Aphotic Gloom's new release Clarus and Aquilius Eyes which
also comes with prim eyes in each design so as to give you more flexibility on
how big or small your eyes you want to be and they're unisex so you and your
honey can enjoy the same eyes..
click to enlarge
Clarus Eyes Collection
click to enlarge
Aquilius Eyes Collection

thanks Mr. Rico Plisskin

Other items
Skin : Unique Megastore [Suzie]
Hair : [69]

“She knows what she sees. She has her eyes in the right place.”

Monday, May 16, 2011


Monica Light Skin (Exclusive Gift for Modavia) : *Glam Affair*
**Join the Modavia Group located inside the Glam Affair store
Magenta Ruffle Tank (group gift) : *SMS*
High-Waist/Wide leg Chloe Jeans (Limited Time Sale @ 50L) : *Fab Pony*
Flower Bag Minisize (subscribe gift) : *Ribbon*

thanks Tatianna Faulkes of Fab Pony

MOOD Newness!!!.

Parade of Pearls Jewelry (new release) : *MOOD*
**five pearl colors with five different accent gems to choose from
which allows you to mix and match gems and pearl colors
Sculpted Nails (group gift) : *Mayden Couture*
Brianna dress (Glance group gift) : *Donna Flora*

thanks Jori Watler of Mood

Simply Britnee & Esther Jen Newness

..can you tell what you've got?..
Ayala Hair (new release) : *Simply Britnee*
Frilly Tops (new release) : *Esther Jen*

thanks Britnee Hadlee
thanks Jennie Ugajin