Thursday, May 26, 2011


.. i've always been a fan of *Angelwing* and i even asked my friend before
who works as a model if she can talk into giving to me one of her uniform instead
and the owner graciously considered sending me to me (probably won't remember that),
...this new release Adorabelle Silks/Fairy set is a 21 piece high detailed set
which comes in pink, lavender, green, black or white.All colours are 
available with either gold or silver jewelery and include strip scripts, 
2 diferent skirt styles, wings, 2 staffs with different stand poses, hand fan,
lockmeister scripts and anklet bells. Adorabelle can be worn either as 
silks, or as fairy outfit and i choose to wear it as  silks in pink..
.. and for this week only (may 21-28) they've put the Blue Adorabelle
as a hunt item and once the hunt is over, your only chance to get Adorabelle 
silks in blue will be to stalk the lucky chairs in the shop.

thanks Angel6 Susanti

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