Thursday, March 31, 2011


..hello girls! who likes jeans? I do and i know you do too..
Cropped Sweater (subscribe gift #1) : *Paradisis*
Anna Tops (1L) : *Rock Me Amadeus*
Tyra Jeans (New Released) : **
thanks CK Winx

Pose (New Released) : *Reasonable Desires*
thanks Austie Pegler

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Man Alert!!!

..yay! for the first time my husband pose for me alone **giggles, well it's
just right that he will pose for this one coz afterall he was the one who
found this at the marketplace here  and it's from L-Mac Skin for only 1L for
a limited time which includes 2 skin and 2 shape (1 is mod, 1 is no mod)..
isn't that a good deal already?

thanks darling! xoxo

Other item
Hair : LAQ


.. hello lovelies! sexy freebies to make you happy.. enjoy!..
1. Sweater Dress Extreme Red (group gift) : *Temptation*
Modest Skinny jeans (10L) : *Cynful*

2. Leather Jacket (group gift) : *Gizza Creations*
Shake Up outfit (group gift) : *The Death*

Yuma Earrings (group gift) : *Nha!*

Poses (new release) : *Reasonable Desires*

Other Items
Hair : [e]
Shoes : N-Core
Boots : Bax

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Summer Fun!!!

..summer is almost here (well in Philippines atleast) so this perfect
denim summer outfit is just right paired with a denim wedge
and a bag for the kikay kit and i'm off to enjoy the sun..
Summer Jeans Outfit (new release) : *SE*Designz*
Summer Girl Bag (1L for group members) : *LpD*
Pilar Wedges (70L, TDR) : *YS&YS @ TDR*

Other Item
Hair (group gift, already blogged) : [e]
Skin (previous gift) : LAQ

Saturday, March 26, 2011


.. happy weekend everyone.. enjoy!..
Gum Light Skin (new release) : *JeSyLiLo*
**it is indeed like a bubble gum.. so yummy!**
Hair (group gift, 250L joining fee) : *[e]*
Dress (group gift) : *AZUL*

Other Items
Earrings : Mandala
Shoes : SM

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hello! Just wanted to share to you this free AO for Male and Female
from Oracul which can be found only in Marketplace and not on
their in-world shop and is available only until May 19, 2011.

AX-001 Basically Girl for girls can be found here and
AX-002 Basically Boy for boys can be found here
 Permission : Copy and Transfer

Thanks to my husband for pointing this out.. xoxo

Pretty Again!!!

..hello girlies! time for a little bit of shopping and i hope your
still not tired yet because as for me i'm loving it so far..
Brand NEW Gaia skin line in both the base skin (25L) as well as a smokey
"Seduce" eyeshadow (25L) are on sale for 72 hours or until friday night only.

tp to AMD to get yours.. 

Marilyn 2 in Ash Hair (subscribe gift #2) : *Chichichie!*
Evageline Lila gown (subscribe gift #1) : *Morea Style*
Hecate Gown (group gift) : *Finesmith Design*
Fallen Pink heels (group gift) : *MJS*


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mixes Again...

..hello girls!..
Jovana Pale Skiin (group gift) : *Divine*
Tamara Lingerie (10L) : *RD*
1. Hannah Hair (subscribe gift) : *Amacci*
Outfit (free) : *E'Dior*
Pumps w/ strap (MM) : *Angel Alphaville*

2.One-shoulder dress (group gift) : *Artemis*
Black Pumps (LB) : *Angel Alphaville*

Other Items
Hair : Truth and Lelutka

Saturday, March 19, 2011


..a round up of freebies.. enjoy!
Black/Purple dress (group gift, 50L fee) : *Kunglers*
Skye Dress (subscribe gift) : *Hucci*
Lovely dress in plum (group gift) : *PsychoTropia*
Cynthia Pumps (new release) : *Baby Monkey Shoes*
*Also available in other colors along with other 
new release in all yummy colors

thanks Pixieplumb Flanagan

Other Item
Hair : *CaTwA*
Accessories : Mandala
Skin : League

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


..Let's pray for Japan as they're now trying to strive for what's left of them
after the devastating earthquake and tsunami last friday, it's the least we can
do in our own little ways.. Laban Japan! (Fight Japan!)..
Dungaree Long shirt (Pray4Japan special, 50L) : *AOHARU*
**100% goes to the Donation Linden for Japan
Fantasy Headpiece and Necklace (new release) : *JD Design*
Slim Fit Lowrise Crack Jeans in 3 designs (new release) : *SE Designz*
**it's not called crack for nothing.. sexy! 

thanks Joice Dreamscape
thanks Stella Eaton

other items
Hair :
White Cami top (free) :
Shoes : PM

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

free mixes!!!

..freebies! Oh freebies! thanks to this awesome designers who
loves to make their members happy all the time..
Vega Pale (subscribe gift) : *Aleida*
Glory Hair (TDR Blue, 60L) : *[e] @ TDR Blue*
Floral Headband (subscribe gift) : *Indie Rose*
Olive Hair (subscribe gift, fatpack) : *Milana*
Malishka dress (FA Love Hunt, til April 14) : *LP Design*
Carrie Top (subscribe gift #2) : *Hucci*
 Khaki shorts (it's a romper actually, free) : *Chantkare*
Robin Hair (subscribe gift) : *Chichichie!*
1. Tank top w/ green jeans (subscribe gift #3) : *DCNY Clothing*
2. Sakura top and leggins (subscribe gift) : *Hasi's*
3 & 4 St. Patrick & Giraffe Pajamas (1L each) : *Chat'teigne*
thanks Fannie **kisses

Other item
Thong Sandal : COCO
** i just love this sandal even tho i can't 
seem to get the right tone for the skin

Monday, March 14, 2011

Timeless Treasure Hunt!!!

..alright luvlies! grab your compass for the Timeless Treasure Hunt
because you only have until March 20, Sunday to find it all... to get more
hints and the list of all the stores check here and here and remember you will
be looking for a small sometimes bigger white scroll.. have fun!!!
Halter top dress KIMONO : *Shiki*
**Cardigan for men not shown
Temptress Jade dress with shoes : *Dressed by Lexi*
Dark Orchid and Crown Hair : *Eshi Otawara*
**there's also a make-up and jacket in same loc
Temptress Earrings (part of the dress) : *Dressed by Lexi*
Seahorse Earrings : *CUDA*
Serenity Amethyst Rose shoes : *P10*

Zoe Skin : *TULI*

other item
Hair : Love Soul

Sunday, March 13, 2011

E U P H O R I A Hunt!!!!

...second round of hunt from E U P H O R I A sim and you are
looking for a seablue letter E and need a group tag to get the item..
and don't forget to check the notices to see the list of participating stores..
Dahlia 2 Skin : *CheerNo Femme*
Louisa Skin : *Glance*
Brown Dress : *Dama*
Black Ruffled top (part of a dress) : *House of Fox*
Toffe Skirt : *The Secret Store*

Other Items
Hair : Truth & Lelutka
Shoes : SM

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bang Bang Boom!!!

.. hello! i'm sorry for my absence lately that's bcoz what i thought was just a quick
visit to the doctor turns out to be a disaster.. hahaha! anyways here's something
to make it up, i'm wearing a very sexy tank top and undies which are available
in other yummy colors and stripey socks to keep me warm.. oh and the new
skin with green eyeshadow which is in time for St.Patrick's.. have fun!..
My Milkshake Tank top and Hip Hugging Undies (new release) : *BOOM*
*Tied back tank with sculpted tie; Low rise hip hugging undies with 25 different colors

Stripey Socks in green (new release) : *Bang Bang*
*Comes with prim tops and available in 3 colors

Mary Green (group gift, 50L 30L joining fee, check notices) : *Glam Affair*

Thanks Aranel Ah
Thanks Sisch Firecaster

Other Items
Hair (new) : Lelutka
Accessories (Old TDR Item) : Glow Studio

Sunday, March 6, 2011

SE Designz & CandyDoll Newness!!!

.. Hello Girls! ..
C E N S O R E D Tops (New Release) : *CandyDoll*
***Is a prim top and fit perfect on breasts,  have script resize
Come in 8 colours and 10 patterns
Slim Fit Jeans Duo Pack (New Release) : *[SE*Designz]*
**Regular and Low Rise fit design with cuffs
...for the sim reopening, SE*Designz has 3 flowers in store as hunt
gift, the Lace Leggings and Tank Top (Shine & Star Valley Hunt #3) here and
while your there grab the Long Retro Overall as subscribe/group gift
there's also one for the male (not shown) and touch the star,
the tattoos used below are also from the same hunt here..
Skin (1L for group members only) : *Stiletto Moody*
C E N S O R E D Pink Top (subscribe gift) : *CandyDoll*
**i'm not sure if it's available for redelivery but touch it for future gifts

Thanks Stella Eaton
Thanks Rebeca Dembo

Other Item
Hair : Maitreya
Shoes : PM (subscribe gift, already blogged)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gizza & Mynerva time really flies and now it's march already which also means
new group gifts from fabulous designers are released..
Gold Gown (group gift) : *Gizza Creations*
**bring your man with you to get the male gift
.. and Mynerva is offering this 4 unique skin as their group gifts with a
50L joining fee which can be found here and the COG Necklace
can be found here for 10L only also from the same store..

Other items
Hair : TRUTH & Maitreya

Thursday, March 3, 2011


.. i know i know.. i'm late in posting this but i can't just let it pass
so grab your free gifts while they're still waiting for you.. xoxo
Precious Minidress (group gift) : *Miamai*
Elide dress (group gift) : *Baiastice*
**check notices for both group
Tank and Wash jeans (Re-Opening gift, free) : *DCNY*
Artistic Session dress (group gift, check notices) : *Happy Finds*
Ruffle Bodysuits (subscribe gift, check history #1) : *The Sea Hole*

Other Items:
Hair : Truth & Lamb
Skin : League and LAQ
Shoes : N-Core

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CandyDoll & MGoose's!!!

.. i usually work when i'm alone at home coz if my husband is there
he surely can't keep his mouth shut and this particular dress
looks edible to him, **giggles and i agree it surely is..
Doll Dress (new release) : *CandyDoll*
**Comes in 15 colors and 8 patterns in all Layers, skirt prim is modify
Johanna Skin with teeth option (group gift) : *Mother Goose's*
**Check notices to get the gift and has a lot of skin on lucky boards
Empero Eye Make-up (TDR, 65L) : *YS&YS @ TDR*

thanks to Rebeca Dembo of CandyDoll

Other Item
Hair : TRUTH