Sunday, March 6, 2011

SE Designz & CandyDoll Newness!!!

.. Hello Girls! ..
C E N S O R E D Tops (New Release) : *CandyDoll*
***Is a prim top and fit perfect on breasts,  have script resize
Come in 8 colours and 10 patterns
Slim Fit Jeans Duo Pack (New Release) : *[SE*Designz]*
**Regular and Low Rise fit design with cuffs
...for the sim reopening, SE*Designz has 3 flowers in store as hunt
gift, the Lace Leggings and Tank Top (Shine & Star Valley Hunt #3) here and
while your there grab the Long Retro Overall as subscribe/group gift
there's also one for the male (not shown) and touch the star,
the tattoos used below are also from the same hunt here..
Skin (1L for group members only) : *Stiletto Moody*
C E N S O R E D Pink Top (subscribe gift) : *CandyDoll*
**i'm not sure if it's available for redelivery but touch it for future gifts

Thanks Stella Eaton
Thanks Rebeca Dembo

Other Item
Hair : Maitreya
Shoes : PM (subscribe gift, already blogged)

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