Thursday, September 30, 2010


.. hello luvlies! i'm back.! hope you'll like what i got
to share to all of you this day..

Mei Emerald dress (Seasons Hunt) : *Elate*
Ruffled Bolero (Subscribe gift) : *G.Field*
Delora Hair (subscribe gift) : *Magika*
Full outfit including boots (group gift) : *K&C Creations*
Purple Moon dress w/ mini skirt option (free) : *Gizza*
Feathered Jacket (group gift) : *Azul*
Pick a Boo lingerie (free) : *Madi's*
Autumn Gown in Purple (Lucky Chair) : *Mystic Sky*
Glitter set and Rose lace set (free) : *Madi's*

Monday, September 27, 2010

it's best to subscribe!

.. sorry if i haven't been blogging for days, it's just that i'm kinda busy and be away for about two days again.. so til i come back luvlies. hope you can find something you will like..

Skin (group gift) : *LeLutka*
Hair (group gift) : *LeLutka*
but it's easier to search the group and just go over the notices
Eva Berry (subscribe gift) : *STC*

 Necklace and bracelets (free) : *Beatnik*
Animal top (group gift) : *Urban Girl*

 Tops (group gift) : *Elymode*
Printed Leggings (free) : *Beatnik*
 Skin 1 (subscribe gift) : *Exile*
Skin 2 (subscribe gift) : *Candydoll*
Skin 3 (subscribe gift) : *Tasty*

Friday, September 24, 2010


.. coats for the incoming rainy days (in phils atleast :p)..

 Black Pea Coat (MM Board) : *Bellies*
Shoes (MM Board) : *Tara*

 Brick Jacket (subscribe gift) : *Dama*

Moli and Nell Skins (Lucky Board) : *Mother Goose's*

Thursday, September 23, 2010


..there's always something that suits your mood.. and this lovely hair from *Calico Ingmann* is the hunt gift for the Red Seal Hunt.. grab the goodies girls!

Red Blouse (Gacha, 10L) : *Pesca*
Lace Skirt (1L) & Bag (Lucky Board) : *[AV]*
Pink Shoes (MM Board) : *Ingenue*

Red Tunic (group gift) : *Fore*
Slashed leggings (1L) : *Mother Goose's*
Shoes (group lucky board) : *KDC MALL*

Moon Dragon Outfit (group gift) : *Bubblez*

Knit Orange (subscribe gift, check history #2) : *Pesca*
Denim Capri (10L) : *Mother Goose's*
Deck Flats (free) : *PB*

Checkered Cami (free) : *Deep Blue Sea*
Sexy Shorts (free) : *The Death*
Flats (free) : *Oyakin*

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


... Halloween parties are nearing so grab your share of costumes as early as now and some skins to go with it.. xoxo

Princess Gown (subscribe gift) : *LVS&CO*

Wench on Deck outfit (subscribe gift #1) : *Sn@ch*
Boots (group gift, check notices) : *Urban Girl*

Withered Williamina dress (subscribe gift) : *The Dollhouse*

Skin (MM Board) : *Cupcake*
Pink Mistress Jewelry (MM Board) : *$Ganked$*

Skin1 (Lucky Board) : *Mother Goose's
Skin2 (MM Board) : *eStyle*
Wild Panther Minidress (free) : *Magic Fashion*
Armband and bridal Bindis (subscribe gift) : *Primalot*

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


.. the new gift from !Imabee is very adorable and the new items at Ganked are just lovely and i paired it with this awesome gifts from different stores ...

Skin (Group Gift) : *!Imabee*
Sherbet Set (Lucky Chair) : *$Ganked$*

Wiggle dress (free for limited time) : *Mischief*

Margarida dress (Red Seal Hunt) : *Reale*

Exclusive Gift (free) : *Morea Style*

Necklaces/choker (free) : *$Ganked$*
note : Something old necklace (free gift near landing area), Sascha necklace (subscribe gift #1) and Royalty Choker in Gold and Silver (Pink Hunt)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


.. and so just before i sleep ..

Printed dress (group gift) : *Couverture*

Whole outfit includes shoes (group gift) : *Urban Girl*

Fall Freebie dress (free) : *B!*
Hair (RSH) : *Raspberry*

Ms. Murder

.. another store that has a lot of freebies along with clothes, gestures, etc. but what caught my attention are the skins, they're pretty and the cleavage are amazing, i didn't make my breast bigger, blame it on the cleavage option.. :P tp to *Miss Murder* now..


.. there's a ton of hunt going on around the grid this month
and so grab it while its still there and enjoy..

Red flower dress (SWH) : *Towa*

Striped Mini (MAH) : *Jazmyn*

Sassy Silk Dress (DSH) : *Delicious*

Flowered dress (SFH) : *Jazmyn*

Sleeping Snow White (SWH) : *Kyoko Couture*

School Girl (GTSH) : *Divalicious*


.. Fashion Freak Hunt 2 runs from Sept. 15 - Oct. 15 with 73 stores involved in this hunt, you will be looking for this purple colored F as shown below :

Freaky Lamp dress : *Sassy Kitty Designs*

Bikini Delight : *Temptation*

Freak Minidress : *Paper.Doll*

Lovely in Lace : *Delicious*

Cotton Candy Romper : *Evie*

Saturday, September 18, 2010

envy me :P

... yay! goodies for the luvlies..

Lace Dress (subscribe gift) : *Hucci*

Karma Red (group gift) : *Envy Designs*

Camo Long Sleeves (free) : *FK Virtues*
(it has both male and female version)

Teal Dress (subscribe gift) : *Tempest*

1. Black Hoodie (SWHunt) : *Ronsem*
2. Purple Hoodie (free) : *Ducknipple*
Leggings (Lucky Board) : *Evie*

note : there are some more freebies along the shore @ Ducknipple, some are free and some are sold between 15L-25L/box with a lot of goodies for the male too.