Saturday, September 18, 2010

envy me :P

... yay! goodies for the luvlies..

Lace Dress (subscribe gift) : *Hucci*

Karma Red (group gift) : *Envy Designs*

Camo Long Sleeves (free) : *FK Virtues*
(it has both male and female version)

Teal Dress (subscribe gift) : *Tempest*

1. Black Hoodie (SWHunt) : *Ronsem*
2. Purple Hoodie (free) : *Ducknipple*
Leggings (Lucky Board) : *Evie*

note : there are some more freebies along the shore @ Ducknipple, some are free and some are sold between 15L-25L/box with a lot of goodies for the male too.

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