Wednesday, September 15, 2010


... OMG! i can't believe i've been very patient waiting for
this boards to change but it paid off, lol ..

Hair and Butterflies (group gift) : *Govil*
Linen Shirt (subscribe gift) : *Pesca*
Pink low-rise jeans (MM Board) : *Poison*
Doll dress & Lace slippers (lucky board) : *Ribbon*

 Gray dress for Wear Gray Event (free) : *Sn@tch*

Shirred Minidress (Lucky Board) : *Electra Fashion*

Make-Up tears in Tone 1 & 2 and Eyes (Lucky Board) : *SSS Skin*


  1. That white mini dress by Electra Fashion is a must have! I am totally going to pick that up tomorrow. Thanks for the awesome post Cece. :)

  2. gosh! it took me forever to find your comment.. thanks Pandora