Thursday, September 23, 2010


..there's always something that suits your mood.. and this lovely hair from *Calico Ingmann* is the hunt gift for the Red Seal Hunt.. grab the goodies girls!

Red Blouse (Gacha, 10L) : *Pesca*
Lace Skirt (1L) & Bag (Lucky Board) : *[AV]*
Pink Shoes (MM Board) : *Ingenue*

Red Tunic (group gift) : *Fore*
Slashed leggings (1L) : *Mother Goose's*
Shoes (group lucky board) : *KDC MALL*

Moon Dragon Outfit (group gift) : *Bubblez*

Knit Orange (subscribe gift, check history #2) : *Pesca*
Denim Capri (10L) : *Mother Goose's*
Deck Flats (free) : *PB*

Checkered Cami (free) : *Deep Blue Sea*
Sexy Shorts (free) : *The Death*
Flats (free) : *Oyakin*

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