Sunday, October 31, 2010


.. last day of the month today but it doesn't mean
there's no more gifts to enjoy from the generous creators..

Picture 1
Military Modscourt Jacket (free) : *BaLaC*
Karrine Sweater dress in orange (subscribe gift) : *Hucci*

Picture 2
Tube Top in 3 versions (subscribe gift) : *FK Virtues*
Cordelia Skirt (free) : *Miamai*

Picture 3
Caprice Taupe dress (subscribe gift) : *!STC*

Pumpkin Raider (subscribe gift) : *Miel*

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Black is Beautiful!!!

.. i'm not a fan of black but i must say this goodies are worth having
in my inventory, hope you like it too!!

Skin, Gown and Hair (Halloween Gift) : *Lelutka*
note: there's something for the male too.

Castalia Halloween Skin (subscribe gift) : *Glam Affair*
Lacey Black Dress (group gift) : *World's End Garden*
Black Pumps is part of the halloween gift at Lelutka. 

Halloween Skin (group gift) : *Tik Tok*
Dress (free) : *MOREA Style*

Sat Goodies!!!'s my Saturday treat for the lovelies.. xoxo

Left Picture
Evening Pumpkin dress with shoes (group gift) : *Hudson Clothing Co.*
Rose Headband (Hateween Hunt) :*Happy Finds*

Right Picture
Blouse with two collar option (tie or necklace) : *IZM*
Webspider Earrings (group gift) : *Jairis*

Left Picture
Jacket for female (Hateween Hunt) : **
note : there's one for males too
Shirt and Skirt (subscribe gift) : *auTre*

Right Picture
Punkin Pie Gown (subscribe gift) : *Pea-in-a-Pod*
Black Enameled Earrings (subscribe gift) : *Ear Candy*

This two outfits are both available at the 
MM Board with 125 target at OoEas!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Last Min Halloween Goodies!!!

.. there's a lot of hunt going on for the Halloween so i suggest you grab
this goodies while it's still available..

the nails and necklace on the left picture come from Virtual Insanity for the
Macabre Hunt while the Cozy Sweater on the right comes from the SOM of
Hasi's which is paired with denims with shoes and bag are from the 
MM Boards of Seven and the arm cuffs which comes with nails are another
hunt item for Halloween Hunt at Virtual Insanity too.

Purple off-shoulder with jeans (free opening gift) : *Rezlpsa Loc*
Green flats (Oct/Nov gift) : *Virtual Insanity*
Bow-lero (Lucky Board) : *The Secret Store*
Baby Jean outfit (Ghost Demon Hunt) : *!Whatever*
Orange flats which comes with black too (subscribe gift) : *Indie Rose*

Cleo hair (subscribe gift) : *TRUTH*

Thursday, October 28, 2010

halloween IV

.. i've done a bit of hunting today with my bf tagging along who is
giggling just looking at my ass in this AMD outfit..

Hair (subscribe gift) : * Raw House*
Smooches outfit with hat and boots are hunt items from  
*Apple May Designs* and you'll be looking for 4 pumpkins  
(hint: 1 inside the main bldg, 1 inside the skin section and 2 outside the main bldg.)

Autumn's Fell skin in different skintones can be found in Witch Hat 
at {Frick}which are prized 1L each and the colored eyes are from
Tacky Star for the Bad Blood Halloween Hunt
(Ps. sorry if the pictures are a bit blurry, i swear i've waited long for it
to rez, *kicks her pc*)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

INka Skins!!!

.. gosh! i thought i can't fix the mess i've created in my blog but anyway
here's more sexy stuff for the ladies..

Erika Skin (group gift) : *INka Skins*
Halloween Princess dress (subscribe then pay 10L) : *My Precious*

Layla Skin (group gift) : *INka Skins*
10K Memorial dress (group gift) : *AZUL*

Tina Skin (Anniversary group gift) : *INka Skins*
Payton II dress (MM Board) : *DCNY Clothing*

Monday, October 25, 2010


.. i love the new cupcakes skinline Kawaii, so adorable!..

Hair (Hateween Hunt) : *Soup*
Cardigan (free) : *Peppermint Blue*
High-waisted shorts (Hateween Hunt) : *Shampoo*
Flats (free) : *In Her Shoes*

Hair (free) : *CheerNo*
Skin (MM Board) : *Cupcakes*
Belita Dress (subscribe gift) : *DCNY Clothing*

Sunday, October 24, 2010


..i'm such a skin whore :/me laughs , who is not? raise 
your hands up and i'll shot you ..  :P

Teal Corset dress (group gift) : *Vinyl Cafe*

 Skin (group gift) : *Fhang Candy*
note : Eyebrow is not enough for me so i used the brow tattoo from cupcakes,
but the skin comes with two version of scar tattoo for halloween.
Earrings & Necklace (lucky board) : *Twinkleberry*

 Skin (group gift) : *Tik Tok*
note : it has a cleavage and non-cleavage option
Hair (free) : *[E]*
Peach Autumn dress (1L) : *DCNY*

Saturday, October 23, 2010


..i usually don't blog about group gifts that has fees to join
but in the case of PurpleMoon, i can't resist but and gave
my precious L$50 to have this really gorgeous gift..

Lizz in Black

Amanda in Red

Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh My!!!

.. feel like treating the men this time with awesome finds ..

Hair (free) : *Pocket Mirrors*
note : i retint the texture of the hair from light brown
Shirt (1L) : *Arnadi*

Shirt (subscribe gift) : *!Havok*
Pants (camping prize) : *Trapt*

Cardigan (free) : *SB Menswear*
Ripped Jeans (camp prize) : *Trapt*
Sneakers (group gift) : *[JP].dsg*

hallowen III

.. halloween treats for the guys..

Pumpkin Guy outfit (free) : *Pixel Pooks*
Shoes (subscribe gift) : *Peppermint Blue*

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


... take if off, right now!!! ..

Take off your shirt (lucky board); Sling Bag (lucky board)
and Cap w/ hair which comes with a jacket (Hateween Hunt)
and a white version of the shirt on group notices : *Maknie*

Crash Sweater (Hateween Hunt) and Cargo Shorts (not free): *Ronsem*


.. feeling cute today even if i just got the biggest shocking
revelation in my rl, life must go on..

Hair (group gift) : *Zero Style*
Jacket (group gift) : *NoaR*
Simple Bodysuit (free) : *W&B*
Hot shorts (free) : *Wave*
Eyewear (Lucky Board) : *December*

Halloween dress (group gift) : *Lo.momo*
Leggings (free) : *G.Field*

Jacket (group gift) : *Wave*
Shirt and Pants (free) also from Wave Freebie wall

Halloween II

... another Halloween must have ..

 Skin (MM Board) : *Cupcakes*
Hair (free) : *Zero Style*

Halloween dress set with Bolero (free) : *G.Field*
Halloween Hat (subscribe gift) : *December*
Note : Check notice #1
Boots (50L) & Pumpkins (1L each) are from G.Field

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


.. TEA HOUSE HUNT will end on October 30 so tp here now
and collect 22 black box in various sizes which are prized 1L each..

Assam Hair from AY.Line
Oriental Affair Blouse from !Ohmai
(other available color below)
Flats from Mocha (2 color)

Skin from Mother Goose's (cleavage and non-cleavage)
Darjeeling Hair from AY.Line
Orientalish Tattoo from U.F.O.

Headband and mouthpiece from Duboo
Blouse from Fore
Boots from Kiitos
Leg warmer from Tram
Bag from Tokidoki

Doll dress from DG
Boots from R2 Fashion

Kimono 1 from Kik
Kimono 2 from Tomoto

Monday, October 18, 2010


.. i had to install V2 just to see the eyebrows of this skin but it's worth it
coz she's lovely with the brows on.. xoxo

Shirt and Pants (subscribe gift, history 1) : *Gato*

Look 10 (group gift) : *Urban Girl*

Skin (Group gift, check notice) : *Cupcakes*


J.E.M is having 10L sale on the items outside the 
mainstore and there are some freebies too.. grab yours!

free tops

Sunday, October 17, 2010


.. just a quick post before i sleep..

Baby Winter Blue dress (group gift) : *Bubblez Design*

Fur Hat and Jacket (new group gift) : *COCO*
note: Previous gifts like this shirt, short and boots still available

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Treats!!!

.. Halloween is coming so why not grab something for the Trick or Treat
or for those Halloween parties or simply just for fun..

Skin (subscribe gift) : *Izzies*
Outfit + hat w/ hair (group gift) : *Liriope*

1. Outfit with stockings (subscribe gift) : *SLC*
2. Got Brew? Outfit (1L) : *Cilian'gel Boutique*
3. October gift (group gift) : *Barbie Bitch*

1. Dress (group gift) : *Azul*
2. Sailor dress w/ 2 other options (group gift) : *Honey Kitty*
3. Halloween Gift (group gift) : *Latte*

Other available make-up tone for the Amber skin at Izzie's and also
included are 3 shapes and non-cleavage option.