Wednesday, October 6, 2010


.. sorry to take me so long to have this figure out but here's something for the guys that are too good to miss. The Make Him Over Hunt 4 will end on October 20, 2010 so there's still enough time to do it, here's what i found so far and you will be looking for the male symbol. hope you guys love it!..

Shirt with pants : *Gentleman Store*
Pyton Boots : *Avatar Bizarre*

Sports Polo Shirt : *Stash*
Tipped Trouser : *Adjunct*

Blue Hoodie Jacket : *Gawk*
Pants : *Havana*

Necklace : *Zenith Fashion*

1. Hartfold hoodie : *Fir & Mina*
2. Foebel shirt : *Ducknipple*
3. Stud Red Polo : *Style Extrem*
all 2 hairs with eyes came from *KMADD Designs*

E-mute outfit : *Poised*

Baggy starzzz outfit : *Aod*

Outfit w/c includes the shades : *Equilibrium Design*

Skin : *Tellaq*
Necklace : *Robbish*

1. Drape Shirt with stole : *Gabriel*
2. Pedro Shirt with pants : *R&D*
3. Unbuttoned Shirt with pants : *Slacy's*

1. Rolled up shirt and jeans : *JFL*
2. Juno Hoodie and Shorts : *AC*

.. there are still more stores but i'm running out of time. just visit the official blog here...

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