Tuesday, February 28, 2012

coldLogic Newnesss!!!

..coldLogic added new tops in multiple textures along with trousers which are
available in two variations in six different colors each, i can't show you all
 today but you can check them all at their mainstore of course..
What I'm wearing...
Abbey Hair : [e] (Not Free, Mesh)
Alice Skin : YS & YS (TDR Special, 70L)
Top - Wright *Blush : coldLogic (NEW RELEASE)
Trouser - Mazza *Khaki : coldLogic (NEW RELEASE)
Roundie Necklace Gold : YS & YS (Dollarbie, buy bottle)
Sphere Bracelet : YS & YS (Free, buy bottle)
Gia Clutch *Python (Mesh) : Ricielli (Valentines Hunt #7, 15L)
Shoes : Similar (Not Free)

**thanks coldLogic Team

Saturday, February 25, 2012

LOTD - Sunday!!!

What I'm wearing...
Abbey Hair (Mesh) : [e] (Not free)
Layla Skin : Glam Affair (Not free)
Aviator Sunglasses : Naali's (10L @ Marketplace)
Leopard Stole Dress : Artemis (Group Gift, free)
Cookie Satchel Bag : Cafe*Amie  (Group Gift, free)
Cairo Boots (Mesh) : Celoe (Not free)

..as much as i want it to be mostly free but i just can't help myself with this
mesh-craze mode i'm into now and i'm thinking you might
like it too.. hey! a girl needs to shop, right?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

..freebie Thursday!!!

Desire - Harmony (Black Shimmer ) : Heartsick @ The Wash (10L only)
**there's plenty of good quality stuff at The Wash so be sure
to roam around and for sure you'll find something..
Left : Full outfit (includes heels not shown) : Liv-Glam (LG Hunt, free)
Center : Mini dress Outfit (including boots) : Envious (Group Gift, free)
Right : Little Black dress : Admiral Spicy (Subs Group, check history #1)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Adoness NewWwssss!!!

★Lilabellis - Gothic Outfit (pink) - 50L (until Feb. 24)
-The set includes skit, corset, blouse, panties, gloves and socks
in six different colors (only the pink color is discounted)
★Lila's Darling Dress - Group Gift (free membership)
-this is a special version of LilaBellis for group members only
★Dolly Queen (crown & key) - 25/play, trans
- can be found at the goodies room with four other gatcha machines
that includes clothing and accessories, all trans too.

thanks Ms. Cruella Pennell

Other Items worns:
Hair : Action
Skin : League
Shoes : Mylec Heels

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Zeery w/ TDR!!!

What I'm wearing..
Isla (Chocolate) Hair : TRUTH (Not Free)
Lien - Buff Skiin : Atomic (70L @ TDR)
Heart Earrings : Eluzion (already blogged)
Little Heart Nails : TDR Special (25L @ TDR)
Draped Scarf : Zeery (Back to Black Event)
Valentiina Dress (Red, MESH) : House of Fox (60L @ TDR)
Street Parker Bag : Tee*fy (70L @ TDR)
Poison Heels : N-Core (Not Free)
Draped Scarf by Zeery for Back to Black Event
thanks Ms. Zeerya Pyrithea

have a great weekend!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

..something to wear later!!!

What i'm wearing...
Ladonna (Nutmeg) Hair : Analog Dog (free @ the freeball)
Happy Valentine Skin : Lara Hurley (Subscriber's Gift, free)
Butterfly Meadow Jewelry : Lazuri (Group Gift, free)
Red Nails : MDL (Free, Limited Time)
**NOTE: I think i forgot to take off my other nail.. sorry!!
but this nail is just plain red.. my bad :)
Mesh Tubedress (Roses) : Nectar! (Group Gift, free)
Glamour Shoes : Sweet Antidote (TGHunt, 10L)

.. enjoy TGIF Partyyyy!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

..gifties for Valentines!!!

...nothing so much to show today but i've got four lovely gowns you might like
to add into your wardrobe for those post - valentines date...
(Group Gift, w/ fee)
(Group Gift, free)
(Group Gift, free)
(Group Gift, free)

other stuff i'm wearing..
Hair : TRUTH
Eyes : Aphotic Gloom
Jewelry (except w/ PurpleMoon) : Earthstone
Nails : Gabriel (Group Gift)
Shoes : Similar

Monday, February 13, 2012

..free & goodies!!!

Milena & Sara Skins : Mynerva (Group Gift, 50L fee)
Forbidden Crest Necklacephresh (Dollarbie @ Juicy Crush on You Event)
MiniDress w/ Jacket & Leggings : FA Creations (WOMENstuff Hunt, free)
Mono-Chained Pumps : Blossom Shoes (NEW RELEASE!! Not Free)
Top & Jeans Outfit : Legal Insanity (WOMENstuff Hunt, free)
Chained Pumps (teal) : Bloosom Shoes (Free Gift)

**Bloosom Shoes were having 50% off on selected colors 
from Feb. 9 to Feb. 14 (tomorrow).. don't miss it!!!
**thanks Ms. Khloe Nitely

Sunday, February 12, 2012

..ready for valentines???

What i'm wearing :
Duchess Braid hair : ViveNine (Collabor88 Special)
Maia Valentines Skin : LCS Maganda Skins (Group Gift, free)
Heart Earrings : Eluzion (Free)
Valentine Dress : coldLogic (Subscriber's Gift, Free)

Happy Sunday!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hunts & Gifts!!!

What i'm wearing...
Lana with Roots Hair : TRUTH (200L/Standard Pack until Feb.14)
Coeur Edition Eyes (candybox) : Aphotic Gloom (Available for now @ Juicy
Crush on you Event which will start today, i'll update the LM later)
Minibag - Brown : Duh! (WOMENstuff Hunt, Free)
Croped top(sweet pink)C'est la vie ! (BTFHunt, Free)
Cabled Knitted Tank (vanillabrown)C'est la vie ! (Season's Palette Hunt, Free)
Classic Skirt Be Mine C'est la vie ! (ZombiePopcorn Hunt, Free)
Marilyn Platform : Baiastice (Group Gift 50L Fee, check notices)

Stay Beautiful Girls!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hey! I'm Back!!!

..hi girls! i'm sorry that i forgot to inform you that i was away for a couple of days
for a much needed vacation with my family but anyways i'm back and i'm here
to bring you the best goodies and freebies on the grid.. ready???
.. first stop this is gorgeous Duchess Braid Hair from Vive Nine which is currently 
on sale at 188L/color pack and the lovely LoveMilk - Scarlett Skin from
Illusory Skin, all at the Collabor88 - February Edition.. 

.. and who wouldn't notice my N-Core COQUETTE Shoes which i got for 
WOMENstuff Hunt from N-Core (pink) and Mimi's Choise (turquoise),
all you've got to do is to find a small red prim shirt.. and i added
this Afghan Kuchi Earrings i got from Boho Hobo subscriber for Meena Store..

..and lastly if your still too lazy to update your viewer to mesh-able viewer now is the
right time coz your missing a lot, just saying :p coz i'm loving it!!! Remember
the store coldLogic i featured here? well they've finally open up their doors
for you and they've got plenty of pretty mesh clothes you can try on
with a variety of colors that suits your mood not to mention different sizes.. 

TP to coldLogic Mainstore NOW!!!
**thanks coldLogic Team**

Thursday, February 2, 2012

..ok i gave up! LODT :p

What I'm wearing...
Feb Girl Skin : Filthy (Group Gift, fee)
**3 Tones w/ Male Group Gift too
Glitter Nails w/ Hud : Izzie's (ZombiePopcorn Hunt, free)
Knit Dress (Black) : Barn Owl (Free)
Torn Dress (Biege) : Barn Owl (Free)
Cow Shoes : Athor Store (Group Gift, free)

Other Items worn:
Hair : TRUTH
Earrings & Necklace : Mandala

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sexy February!!!

            on Hyeona : 
Happy Valentines Day Skin : JeSyLiLo (Group Gift, free)
Valentines Lingerie : OW (Free @ Marketplace)
**it includes a wet shirt

       On Me:
San Valentine Skin : Swallow (free w/ 2 face tattoo design)
Bra & Loose Panty : Cricket (Group Gift, free)
**part of Lara full outfit with boots

**kisses** thanks Iha!