Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hey! I'm Back!!!

..hi girls! i'm sorry that i forgot to inform you that i was away for a couple of days
for a much needed vacation with my family but anyways i'm back and i'm here
to bring you the best goodies and freebies on the grid.. ready???
.. first stop this is gorgeous Duchess Braid Hair from Vive Nine which is currently 
on sale at 188L/color pack and the lovely LoveMilk - Scarlett Skin from
Illusory Skin, all at the Collabor88 - February Edition.. 

.. and who wouldn't notice my N-Core COQUETTE Shoes which i got for 
WOMENstuff Hunt from N-Core (pink) and Mimi's Choise (turquoise),
all you've got to do is to find a small red prim shirt.. and i added
this Afghan Kuchi Earrings i got from Boho Hobo subscriber for Meena Store..

..and lastly if your still too lazy to update your viewer to mesh-able viewer now is the
right time coz your missing a lot, just saying :p coz i'm loving it!!! Remember
the store coldLogic i featured here? well they've finally open up their doors
for you and they've got plenty of pretty mesh clothes you can try on
with a variety of colors that suits your mood not to mention different sizes.. 

TP to coldLogic Mainstore NOW!!!
**thanks coldLogic Team**

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  1. thanks Claudia, Emerald and khloe for the follow!!