Saturday, November 30, 2013

#715 ~ Saturday Sweetness!!!

What I'm Wearing...
Hair : Lelutka (Old Gift)
Doroteia Skin : Inaya (Freebie)
Eyeliner : HeartCrazy Store (Free @ Marketplace)
Red Lipstick : Glossy Make-up (Dollarbie @ Marketplace)
Teeth/Parted Lips: Tuli (Free @ Marketplace)
Earrings & Necklace : KOSH (Group Gift, Free)
Nov. French Nails : Ez's (Free @ Marketplace)
Nadia Jumpsuit w/ Frills : VERO MODERO (New Release)
**this jumpsuit have 12 different colors
Shoes : N-Core

Pitbull - Feel This Moment ft. Christina Aguilera

Friday, November 29, 2013

#714 ~ Lot's of Freebies Friday!!!

What I'm Wearing...
Vera Hair : Tameless Hair (Forbidden Apple Hunt, 1L)
Fay Skin : WoW Skins (Group Gift, w/ Fee to Join)
Hat & Scarf : Old Time Prims (Freebie)
Nerd Glasses - Red : FLG (Free @ Marketplace)
Nails for Slink : By Snow (Wearable Demo, Free)
Mini Ribbon Bag : Retro (Group Gift, Free)
Godiva Sweater : Lavarock Creations (New Release)
**Available in 10 different colors
Black & Brown Tights : hanamachi (Opening Gift, Free)
Layered Socks Boots : Blackburns (Free @ Marketplace)

Beyoncé - Best Thing I Never Had

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#713 ~ Glitters On!!!

What I'm wearing...
Fedora - Ash : Le Poppycock (Acid Lily, Gatcha Item)
Gift 03 Hair : Eaters Coma (Group Gift, Free)
RoNI2 Skin : [YOON SKIN] (Group Gift, Free)
Luminous Eyes : Mayfly (Group Gift, Free)
Gabina Earrings : Eluzion (Sale, 10L)
Nails for Slink Hand : Virtual Insanity (TINP Hunt, Free)
Glitter Tops : B!asta (New Release)
Velvet Mini Skirt : B!asta (New Release)
Top & Skirt on Left & Right is Available only exclusively at
Boots : Slink (Not Free)
Sinful Poses : PrincessMode (67th Designer's Circle Item)

Britney Spears - Work B**ch

Sunday, November 24, 2013

#712 ~ Walk w/ Me...

What I'm Wearing...
F3 Hair : Liquence (Not Free)
Fairest of them All Skin : DDG (Forbidden Apple Hunt, 1L)
Diamond Nail for Slink : Te*Amo (Kawaai Mini hunt, Free)
Victory Earrings : Bokeh (Acid Lily Item)
Bow Clutch : Mango Cheeks (Acid Lily Item)
Golding Coat : coldLogic (New Release)
Desire Leopard Shoes : N-Core (Shoetopia Exclusive)

More Information on the following...

Nov. Round 2 of Acid Lily

Nov. 22 - Dec. 8 : Forbidden Apple Hunt

Nicole Scherzinger - Baby Love ft.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

#711 ~ It's Getting Cold in Here!!!

What I'm wearing...
Hair : Argrace (Freebie)
Maram Skin : WoW (67th Designer's Circle Item)
Liquid Light Eyes : Mayfly (Free Color)
Nails for Slink Hand : D!Va (Kawaii Hunt, Free)
TurtleNeck Sweater (Left) : Rir Life (New Release)
Derecho Parka (Right) : B!asta (New Release)
Tank Top : Jane ( Past Gift, No longer available)
Skinny Jeans : COCO (Group Gift, Free)
Deck Shoes (Left) : G.Field (Shoetopia Freebie)
Oxford Cap Toe Shoes (Right) : Miamai (Shoetopia Freebie)
Poses : Kikay Poses (New Release)

Jordin Sparks - One Step At A Time

Thursday, November 21, 2013

#710 ~ I'll Wait for You!!!

What I'm wearing...
Hair : Analog Dog (Freebie Ball)
Angel Skin : Poudre (Merry Xmas Hunt, 5L)
Nena Shape : ANNA Shapes (Designer's Circle Item)
Deep Sky Eyes : Mayfly (Group Gift, Free)
Halter Dress : Olegun (T8UHunt, Free)
Jersey Red Shoes : Essenz (T8UHunt, Free)
Street Pose #4 : Kikay Poses (New Release)

Christina Aguilera - Candyman

Friday, November 15, 2013


.. I am a Filipino, my kids are all Filipinos and my husband is Italian
but love Filipinos.. as for me and my house, we will Help Philippines!
my husband Ulrico, ME, my son Kali & my daughter Kate. w/ Voo & Prince (not on the pic)
We all know that Philippines was hit by the strongest storm that ever happened
in history of the world. The death toll as of this moment is 2K + but is and will
still continue to rise as many more bodies were left lying on the ground. The
devastation is widespread as it hits the ground 6 times, leaving some 11M
Filipinos displaced and homeless with no clue as to where to begin. 

As of this moment many areas are yet to be reach as some are still
unaccessible with NO Electricity,  NO Clean Water, NO Food,
NO Clothing, NO Shelter. In this we humbly ask for your support
in whatever kindness you can extend to my countrymen. 

We are deeply overwhelmed by the support and aids we are getting 
from many countries not just the financial and humanitarian efforts 
but also to the prayers offered for the victims and their 
families. In this we are still very blessed tho this
disaster is very disheartening and will forever stay in our hearts.

In SL, in this Virtual World you can also help by buying this shirts
at 100L each and rest assured that all proceeds will go directly to
International Red Cross in the Philippines. You can also donate at the box
located in the store if you feel you still want to give more to this cause.

Here's your taxi to get this Typhoon Haiyan Fundraising Shirt:

Bangon Pilipinas! We can do it.. 

We Are The World for Philippines [TYPHOON HAIYAN]

Saturday, November 9, 2013

#708 ~ Sexy Shoulder & Dimples on me..

What I'm wearing...
Chloe Hair : Castellian (New Release)
Ilaria Skin : -poudre- (Group Gift, Free)
Cold Shoulder Top : RIR Life (New Release)
Knit Leggings : RIR Life (New Release)
Glynco Pumps : HH (Subscriber's Gift, Free)

Enjoy your weekend Girlies!!!

Nelly - Body On Me ft. Ashanti, Akon

Friday, November 8, 2013

#707 ~ More Hunts!

What I'm wearing...
All Hairs worn : Analog Dog (Freebie Ball)
Miray Skin : ryuukou (Free, includes freckles & teeth)
Wrist Cuffs : [coepio] (Group Gift, Free)
Grayish Dress (left) : pulcino (Kawaii Mini Hunt, Free)
Caprice Dress (right): Sassy! (Rock Attitude Hunt, Free)
Lou Pumps : MStyle (Group Gift, check notices, Free)

Tina Leather Corset w/ Skirt : FY (TDTH #48, Free)
Dance til Dawn Dress : Sassy! (TDTH #7, Free)
Dress w/ Shirt : UnderDogs (TDTH #75, Free)
Annie & Olivia Poses : AUSHKA&CO @ Acid Lily

Hunt Informations : 

1. Kawaii Mini Hunt - Nov. 1-24

2. Rock Attitude Hunt - Oct. 30 - Nov. 30

3. The Dirty Turkey Hunt - Nov. 1 -30

Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z - Upgrade U ft. Jay-Z

Saturday, November 2, 2013

#706 ~ Saturday Treats & Freebies!!!

What I'm wearing...
Mokatana Hair : Miss C (Subscriber's Gift, Free)
Song Skin : Essences (TDRF, 70L)
Crystal Cat Eyes : Cubic Cherry Kre-ations (Group Gift, Free)
Vintage Earrings & Necklace : Sleeping Koala (T8UH #10, Free)
**Hint : Follow the sound of Mr. Toad
Silky Minidress : Beautiful Dangerous (Halloween Hunt, 1L)
Anvil Cardigan : Lavarock Creations (New Release)
Birkin Bag : Ricielli (Group Gift, Free)
Phone : YOON Beauty (Freebie)
Extasy Boots : Lavarock Creations (New Release)
Annie & Olivia Poses : AUSHKA&CO @ Acid Lily (Opens on Nov. 2)

**Nov. 1 - 30 - The 8th Unknown Hunt

Jessica Simpson - These Boots Are Made For Walkin'