Tuesday, November 30, 2010

With Love Hunt!!!

... The With Love Hunt started last Nov. 26 and will end on Dec. 17 and you will be looking for a green scroll of paper and each cost 10L, yes it's not a free hunt but they are so good that you can't resist.. Starting point is here.

Right : With Love outfit : *INDI Designs*
Left : Cashmeer Wool Dress with leggings : *DeeTaleZ*
Snowfall Choker : *Swallotail*
Right : Sarina dress : *Ivalde*
Left : With Love dress in nude : *Swansong*
Right : Red Long wool pullover with leggings : *Gawk*
Left: Scandinavian Outfit with boots : *Sassy Kitty Designs*
Miranda skin : *!Imabee*
Right: Stadium Poncho(w/ male version) : *Chatkare*
Left : Snowflake sweater (w/ male version) : *Hucci*

1. Yule Skin (pale with 4 make-up style) : *sYs*
2. Milla Skin : *Lara Hurley Skin*
3. Nina Skin : *Glam Affair*

Monday, November 29, 2010

feelin' blue!!!

.. hello luvlies..

Aimee *love blue* skin (free) : *Lara Hurley Skin*
Silk Bow Headband (subscribe gift) : *Elate*

Stripey Knit Set in Cool (MM Board) : *Astraia*
Ribbon Ruffle flats (Group LB) : *Honey Kitty*

Blouse (part of off shoulder sweater, free) : *Mashooka* 
 Stripey skirt (free) : *Leverocci*

Friday, November 26, 2010


.. Diamond Is Mine Hunt started last Nov. 18 and will end on Nov. 30
so there's still enough time to grab this goodies ladies and check the 
official blog to do your own little hunting too.. look for the diamond..

Mini Tophat Headband : *Fluid Furnitures*
Sexy Animal Nails : *Love.Soul*

Right : Chic Limited dress : *Butterfly EffectZ*
Left : Ultimate Sweater Dress : *Jazmyn D*

Right : Diamond Dress : *Shush*
Left : Star Struck outfit : *AMD*
Foxy Black Leather Boots : *Mimi's Choice*

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!!!

.. it's almost late but better late than never, right? hehehe ..

Thanksgiving gown gift from *Morea Style* with the free skin from *JeSyLiLo* and a fat pack of free hair from *Simply Britnee*

(click the pic twice to zoom)


.. got something for the lovely ladies.. xoxo

Shirt (1L) : *humming*
Pants w/ suspenders : *paper.doll*

Sonja Glitter dress (5L) : *KKBB*
Wrapped heels in pink (lucky board) : *KKBB*

Knit dress in black (group gift) : *Vinyl Cafe*
Stars Dust shoes (MM Board) : *NeCo*

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HL Designs!!!

.. something sexy for the ladies from HL Fashion Design..

Armania Dress

Black Flower Dress
White Flower Dress

Thanks Herby Loire for sharing..

Saturday, November 20, 2010


.. the Kawaii Bow is the current subscribe gift from Magika which
comes with a hud and mirror option (subscribe then click the picture)
and the hair is on sale at L$49/fatpack at Magika still..

 Loose Summer Dress (ATHH Gift) : *Hyper Culture*

 Korei Brown dress (subscribe gift) : *MiaMai*

 Beige Antique Lace Outfit (MM) : *DbT*

 Vintage Denim outfit (MM) : *Pure Poison*

 Casual Distressed outfit (MM) : *Pure Poison*

Friday, November 19, 2010


..some freebies that are goodies..
Left : Absolute dress in 2 version (free) : *Bijiou*
Right : Thick Woollen dress (DIMH) : *Hyper Culture*

Left : Stripe Minidress (1L) : *Cute Fashion*
Right: Top (DIMH) : *MeteoRain*
Miniskirt (DIMH) : *Candydoll*

Outfit with socks and shoes (FTLO Fall) : *Astraia*

Purple sexy sweater (group gift) & necklace (1L) : *Allure Mirror*
Snow Pose winter gift (subscribe gift) : *Ribbon*

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


.. some good stuff i found earlier, grab yours too luvlies..

Daphne Black (Welcome Gift) : *Likka House*

Farrah Sweater (1L) : *Bebe Doll*
Raggy Botton Scarft (DIM Hunt) : *Epic*
Chisato Hair (group gift) : *D!va*

Diva of the Future Blouse (FTLO # 25) : *House of Fox*
List Pants (DIM Hunt) : *CheerNo*
Fur Hat (group gift) : *D!va*

Chiffon Tunic (group gift) : *MeteoRain*
Chiffon Lacy Skirt (group gift) : *SMS*

Monday, November 15, 2010


.. a quick post before i take my shower.. yikes i'm so gross.. :P

Left : LeBlanc dress (DIMH Gift) : *Zenith*
Right : Tanya dress (Group gift) : *PurpleMoon*

Left : Leather outfit w/ tattoo (group gift) : *Immerschoen*
- Male version at store too -
Right : Top and Pants (free) : *Pure Poison"
- 5 colors available for free -

thanks Ms. Anca Knave

MM Board i can't seem to locked *sigh* tp to Sassy Kitty Designs

Friday, November 12, 2010


..Top Models Fall Winter hunt started last Nov 7and will end on Nov 30
and you will be looking for a brow leaf and the official blog is here

Black Dentelle bra and mini : *American Bazaar*
Roses Brown set Necklace and bracelet : *JD*

Lace Outfit - Latte/Rose : *Sofia Collection*

Thursday, November 11, 2010


.. time to slap the boards ladies..

Treason Dress from *Poison*

Look 50, 51 and 52 for group MM at *Urban Girl*

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grimorio Creations!!!

..this two lovely medieval gowns are both free at the Grimorio Creations
for a limited period of time and they're really gorgeous and worthy to be adored.. 

Green Velvet Elf Long gown

Red Velvet Long Gown

thanks Ms. Dwin of Grimorio Creations


..i login a bit earlier today so i got the chance to look for this hunt gifts
which you and your guy will surely love..

Male & Female Sweater (LGN Hunt) : *M2M*

Male & Female V-Neck Sweater (FTLO Fall) : *Acid & Mala Creations*

On Him : Striped Shirt (group gift) : *Upper Man*
On Her : BowTee Peach (subscribe gift) : *auTre*

Left Picture
Fallen Leaves Outfit (FTLO Hunt) : *Sassy Kitty Designs*

Center Picture
Shirt, Jeans and Stole (FTLO Hunt) : *Tyranny*

Right Picture
 Tricot Sweater with purse and scarf (ASH) : *M2M*
Hipster Pants (FTLO Hunt) : *It's Cake* 

.. i guess my male model love to grab my butt.. don't you think? lmao

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


.. hope this will make up for my lack of post for 2 days.. xoxo

.. i was looking for a gown to be worn on a friend's wedding when i
happen to see this gorgeous black gown as the 3rd year anniversary
gift from Son!a which can be worn with black or silver lining..

Heather dress (group gift) : *Bliss Couture*

Left : Leopard Sexyone (subscribe gift)
Center : Retoro Blouse (lucky board)
Right : Animal Fur Minione (dollarbie)
all from *Ribbon* and the hair is from *Hair Shop Nodoka* lucky board

all three look outfits are from the MM board at *Urban Girl*
and the hair is from *LoQ at Marketplace* for 50L only a fatpack of color

Sunday, November 7, 2010


.. Agnes Finney Fashion "My Precious" is putting this two Paige dress in green
and white for 10L for subscribers for a limited period of time here

and i used the Aysha Hair from LoQ which has four different
shades as their new subscribe gift..

.. this Farla Farla Plum Flowery gown can be found on
the lucky chair here with 60 minutes timer..

.. and this dress is the new subscribe gift that can be found at the entrance
of the store here.. remember to touch the subscribe then choose 10L as payment