Review Policy

Thank you for checking out on me and it means so much to me.

First of all let me say that i do blog freebies and those designers are really fab in doing that coz they don't really owe it to the public to give free stuff but i'm also happy too to show and feature pretty stuff that aren't free or cheap but is truly worth your lindens and so this policy is created.

If you are interested in having me to review/feature your items, please put it in a folder with the LM to your store and a notecard too if you want me to say something specific about your item/s, renamed it as "Review - store name" and drop it in my inventory and i'll see what i can do and if you happen to have freebie/cheapies at store please include that too.

Please do understand that i can't blog it rightaway or may not blog it coz it goes beyond my style, so i need you to be patient with me and i process the pictures in whatever i feel like doing at that very moment coz i like exploring what the world of photoshop has to offer (a newbie in photoshop like me has a lot to learn).

Having said that.. let's enjoy SHOPPING!!!