Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's your digits???

..i've been wanting to do this post in response to Strawberry Singh's blog
here but i really got nothing to wear and then came *CandyDoLL* 's new release
which is so perfect for this, it is called Sweet Lingerie and i'm wearing the blue
and black and it comes in all layers and available also in other yummy colors..
.. the Lightbox props with balls is from *Glitterati* but you need to click the
subscribe here and find the word LOW which is so not hard to find..
... and so what's my digits? here it is, nothing extraordinary.. hahaha!

Height : 2.19 m
Head : 47
Arm Length : 80
Hand Size : 10
Shoulders : 57
Breast Size : 45
Hip Width : 60

thanks Ms. Rebeca Dembo

just got lucky!!!

... i just got lucky with the boards lately, see if i rub it off on you too..
1. Country Girl Dress (group LB) : *Y&R*
Trunk (free) : *IZUMIYA*

2. Border Shirt & Denim Skirt (Lucky Board) : *Bukka*

3. Cardigan Sweater & Suede Skir w/ Handbag (SBHunt) : *the Sea Hole*

..*Mynerva* is celebrating it's first birthday and so they're giving away this skins for group
members only, you need to join the group with 50L joining fee and touch the cupcakes
inside the store **They are all in the house, 4 on the bottom floor and 1 on the top .

Friday, April 29, 2011


..let's enjoy spring sales and goodies..

*Indyra Orignals* is having it's 60-90% off in all their pink items until May 1
and so i hurriedly get this outfit that i've been eying since it's release
with it's matching set of earrings and necklace (shown below #1)
and it's just so perfect for the subscribe gift (history #3, shown below #3) Roman Bag 
in Bubble Gum from *House of Fox* and Monon glasses from *Donna Flora*.
(shown below #2)

..and *PurpleMoon Creation* gives out this Yellow Boho Tunic with denim capri
(now shown) and a matching Pebbles Earrings set which is sold for 100L for non-members
but it's only 10L for group members as you immediately received your rebate.

..don't forget to drop by at *Indie Rose* to have this Cowled Silk Blouse
in yellow which i paired with Pasqualina Earrings and Necklace set 
from *Donna Flora* for free.

Other Items
Hair : Lelutka
Shoes : N-Core
Flared Pants : Izzie

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BeBeDoLL Newness!!! releases and sexy freebies to check at *BeBeDoLL*
Spring Fling Dress - Purple (new release)
**available in 5 different colors
Rio Simple Tank - Yellow (new release)
**available in 14 yummy different colors
Polka Dee Flexi Skirt - Brown (new release)
**available in 8 different colors 
Rio Tank Top and Polka Dee Skirt (dollarbie, limited time)
Jen Peach (subscribe gift)

 thansk Ms. Chloe Olatini

Other Items
Hair : Truth
Sandal : COCO
Accessories: Mandala
Poses : Reasonable Desires

Monday, April 25, 2011

Limited Time Offer!!!

...freebies that might not stay long so grab it while it's still available..

Cami and Panty (free) : *TGIS*
Spring Butterfly Tattoo (free) : *Para Designs*

Jess Skin (group gift) : *Olivia's Style*
**she's indeed very pretty..

thanks tio for the whisper..

CandyDoll Newness!!!

... i love colors, don't you?
Prem Hair (group gift) : *W&Y*
Lerro Dress and Top (new release) : *CandyDoll*
**a lot of yummy colors to choose from

thanks Rebeca Dembo

Easter Basket (free) : *Exposeur*
**3 Basket hold poses and colorful eggs
Easter Basket (subscribe gift) : *Baffle*
**a very cute bunny and eggs inside

Other Items
Skin : Unique Megastore
Sandal : COCO

Sunday, April 24, 2011


..some gifts for you today..
Marquessa Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet (group gift) : *Earthstone*
**group is free to join at this moment so hurry
Model Hair F6 (1L only) : *W&Y @ Mimi's Choice*
Linda Dress (special Easter gift, free) : *Morea Style*

Other Items
Shoes : SM

Her name is Suzie!!!

..hi luvlies! she's not the newest skin but i definitely fall in love at her
the first time i saw her, her name is Suzie with 12 make-ups to choose 
from and a hairbase, freckles, parted lips and darker brows option, she looks
young, fresh and gorgeous and my husband couldn't agree more..

tp to *Unique Megastore* now to get Suzie

thanks Iarita Beck and Nany Merlin

Thursday, April 21, 2011


.. a quickie just before i go to sleep..
Hair (subscribe easter gift) : *Magika*
**after subscribing, click the poster
Corset Zip Up and Sexy Skirt (free) : *Erotique Designs*
**click on the egg to receive your gift

Thanks Monica Querrien of ED

geeky? no..

..ok don't know what to say now but one thing for sure,
this eyeglasses looks just like mine in rl, hehehe..
Teyona Hair (TDR, 60L, 4 colors) : *Exile @ TDR Blue*
Yakut Clutch (40L) : *LoQ @ TDR Blue*
Jaguar Glasses (free)  : *Maschienenwerk*
Flower Shirt/Jacket (Lucky Board) : *Pesca*
Jumpsuit with necklace (group gift) : *Twisted & Spoiled*
 Hair (group gift) : *Dura*
Polka Dots Tulle Tunic (3 colors, group gift) : *Latte*
Status Reminder (dollarbie, 9 Status) : *Chat'teigne*
thanks Fannie


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


...hi girlfriends! hehe yeah that is still me talking to myself again, lol..
Girlfriends Garden Bench has 6 animations, 3 in each sides and it
only consists of 8 prims which is just perfect for my balcony (even if it's not garden)
which Moriko Inshan of *Hanaya* thinks so.. thankies!
Summer Tops (new release)
Summer Ruffles skirt (new release)
.. just so right for this time of the year which is paired with their new release 
for Easter special, the Rose summer hat, necklace and shoes. Get all this
at *artMEfashion* , thanks Ms. Moonstone Eiren
Girlfriends Garden Beach (new release)
*just so you have a clearer view what it looks like
Rose Summer Hat, Necklace and Shoes (Easter Special Items)

Other Items
Hair : Lamb
Sunglasses : Deco (hunt item)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Season Hunt - Spring!!!

..the Season Hunt - Spring started last April 16 and will end on April 30
and you will be looking for a small bee hidden inside the stores, they're
not connected to each other so for the list of participating stores
click here and join the group to get new hints coz they constantly
change the position of the bee.. good luck!
Spring Moss Jacket : *The Secret Store*
Spring Dress : *[glow]*
Cinched Waist Tank : *Willow*
Faded Blue Jeans (M&MHunt) : *Ducknipple*

Spring in the Air blouse : *+mocha+*
Pegged Jeans : *This is a Fawn*
Eyeglasses : *(epoque)*
Gran's Attic Purse : *TOSL*

Floral Chemise : *tb*
Spring skirt : *fall into decay*
Hair : *Plume*
Lime on mouth : *nordaris*

My Own Tree Necklace (worn on left & right) : *Concrete Flowers*
Bunny Bag (worn on left & right) : *TokiD*
Swank glasses (worn on left & right) : *DECO*
Spring flats : *un Jour*
Out there in the Dark Bikini : *Pig*
Spring Curtain and Mirror : *North West*
Spring Dreams Bed : *Awesome Blossom*
Spring Hall Table : *Cheeky Pea*
Sofa (walll decor not shown) : *Little Boxes*
Almost Paris Set : *Kari*
**2 chairs, table and painting
Patio Set : *The Loft*

Monday, April 18, 2011


.. new release from *Dilly Dolls*..
 Jayda Tops (new release)
Lillie Skin is one among the other skins on their lucky board
just across the new release items, you might get lucky.
Lola Dress (new release)
Howie Dress (new release)
Tracky Shorts and Pants (new release)
Khoma Lucky dots tops (Lucky Board) : *Leel*

thanks Ms. Oriana Kuhr of DD
thanks Ms. LeeLoo Graves of Leel

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BDR & H.E.D might tickle your fancy to spend some linden today..
Aloha Halter dress in all colors (new release) : *H.E.D*
Upper : Ivanna Hair in Red and Majestic color (new release)
Lower : Roxana Hair in Sandy and Dark Brown (new release)

**BDR has a lot of free hairs too in case you don't have those

Other Items
Shoes : SM
Accessories : Mandala

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lovely Again!!!

..celebrating spring with jewelries and fab dress..
Miss Claire Set includes Earrings, Necklace, Ring (on the left), Nails and
Hat (worn below) is the newest VIP Gift from *ByKay* but i'm
sad to say that it's no longer by invite only now.. if your already a member
and haven't received it yet just check the notices..
Agnes Finney's My Precious has this two lovely dress April Romance 2 
(above) and April Blossom (below) as her new subscribe gift worth 10L only each
but be sure to subscribe first then pay the picture and choose 10L here..
.. and i got no cleaver title but then again it's lovely anyway..

Other Items
Hair : Truth, Tukinowaguma
Skin: League
Shoes : SM

At Home!!!

.. happy weekend everyone! and i feel like just chilling at home
today and this lovely flower decor is perfect in my veranda, don't you think?..
Dress and Necklace (group gift, 50L fee) : *Kunglers*
Feather Pierce Earrings (group gift) : *DP YumYum* [no LM]
**search the group Double Paradox and check notices
Mixed Cut Flowers in Water Bath (new release) : *Hanaya*
** a very cute addition to your lovely homes 
and it comes with the stand too

Other Items
Hair : Exile
Sandal : COCO
Skin : League

Thursday, April 14, 2011


...i just got lucky..
Floral Dress B/W (Lucky Board) : *H.E.D*
Tan Tribal Feather Sandal (New Release) : *!SUS!*
Sculpted Tongue (Lucky Board) : *Peanut Bubbles and Jelly*

Other Items
Hair : Exile
Skin : League