Thursday, April 21, 2011

geeky? no..

..ok don't know what to say now but one thing for sure,
this eyeglasses looks just like mine in rl, hehehe..
Teyona Hair (TDR, 60L, 4 colors) : *Exile @ TDR Blue*
Yakut Clutch (40L) : *LoQ @ TDR Blue*
Jaguar Glasses (free)  : *Maschienenwerk*
Flower Shirt/Jacket (Lucky Board) : *Pesca*
Jumpsuit with necklace (group gift) : *Twisted & Spoiled*
 Hair (group gift) : *Dura*
Polka Dots Tulle Tunic (3 colors, group gift) : *Latte*
Status Reminder (dollarbie, 9 Status) : *Chat'teigne*
thanks Fannie


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