Saturday, April 30, 2011

What's your digits???

..i've been wanting to do this post in response to Strawberry Singh's blog
here but i really got nothing to wear and then came *CandyDoLL* 's new release
which is so perfect for this, it is called Sweet Lingerie and i'm wearing the blue
and black and it comes in all layers and available also in other yummy colors..
.. the Lightbox props with balls is from *Glitterati* but you need to click the
subscribe here and find the word LOW which is so not hard to find..
... and so what's my digits? here it is, nothing extraordinary.. hahaha!

Height : 2.19 m
Head : 47
Arm Length : 80
Hand Size : 10
Shoulders : 57
Breast Size : 45
Hip Width : 60

thanks Ms. Rebeca Dembo

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