Thursday, June 30, 2011

Azul Goods!!!

Odette Gown (free) : *Azul @ Franks*
Black Dress (group gift) : *AZUL Mainstore*
Red Dress (free) : *AZUL @ Costa Rica*

Pear Necklace w/ Ribbon (free) : *JILL*
Gladiator Sandal (free, already blogged) : *Gabriel*

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

bEbEDoLL Newness!!!

*BD* Printed Beach Dress (new release)
**available in 6 different colored pattern as well as two exclusive 
BeBe DoLL Group Members only (fee to join)
*BD* Tropica Beach Dress (new release)
**available in 6 yummy summer colors

..Summer time officially starts in most part of the world (tho summer starts
early in where i live) and so it's time to hit the beach with your perfect 
summer dress in fun and printed patterns w/ a good pair of flip flops
oh and don't forget your sunblock!..

thanks Ms. Chloe Platini

Other Items
Skin : [PF]
Hair :
Flip Flops : Maitreya
Earrings & Necklace : League

Monday, June 27, 2011


 Horang Skin (1L) : *Mother Goose's*
Floral Ruffled Blouse (group gift, 50L fee) : *PM*
Terra Pants (10L Sale) : *ESSENCES*
**huge 10L Sale in all items including skin
 Fierce Black Dress (free til Wednesday) : *Jazmyn D.*
She Sells Seashells -Chocolate (group gift) : *Mischief Fashion*

Other Items
Hair : Damselfly
Shoes : NCore

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Aye Aye Sir!!!

*ME* Sailors Summer 1

*ME* Sailor Summer 2

Sailor Summer Complete Outfit includes the following:
pants with sculpted belt and legs, top with sculpted sleeves and bottom, 
sculpted scarf and color changeable and resizable shoes and cap.

thanks Ms. Moonstone Eiren 

**ps: don't mind the man behind me on the first picture,
that's my husband checkin' up on me **giggles..

Boom and Kekotka w/ Gabriel!!

click picture to see it bigger
*BOOM* Everyday Tank - Lime (new release)
**Comes with 2 tanks, one slightly sheer and one opaque version, available
in 29 colors to choose from in all layers.
*BOOM* Element Tank - Lipstick (new release)
**Sporty racerback style crop tank in 29 colors which coordinates with
the Everyday Tank in all upper part layers, ideal for layering over other clothing.

thanks Aranel Oh

*KOKETKA*  Lana Mini Skirts (new release)
**Flowered print mini skirt with ripped off hemline which is
available in 10 colored patterns.

thanks Slava Parkin

*GABRIEL* Gladiator Sandals in Brown (Group Gift)
**two colors available for group members, black and brown and trans too!

tp to Gabriel

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Fiesta!!!

..many participating stores for SGB Summer Fiesta 2011 are giving
away gifts along with the limited edition of their designs and will end
on 30 June, you need a special discount ticket and wear the tag
to get the free gifts  here.. there are plenty nice things here so
bring along your friends or bfs.. it's not all girly stuffs..
Boro Tee (free) : *A.M.K.R*
Lace Pants (free) : *C'est la vie !*
Halter Neck Camisole (free) : *c.A*
Blue Blue Skirt (free) : *pesca*
 Stripe Shirt - Pink (free, 3 colors w/ male version) : *[pivaaca]*
VNeck Tee (free) : *Rude Boy*

Hair (free, fatpack color demo) : *Exile*
Doll Flats (free) : *Vika @ marketplace*

Other Items
Skin  : League
Accessories : Mandala

Must Haves!!!

Pollon Snuggle (group gift) : *Al Vulo*
Maya Hair (2 bangs style, 2nd Anniversary Gift) : *D!va*
Mellysa Bodysuit (group gift) : *Giereh*
Nude Stiletto Blue (group gift) : *MJShoes*
Blouse (group gift) : *S@bbia*
Jemina Jeans (1L) : *Seldom Blue*
Cheeky Taupe Shoes (group gift) : *Best of SL Mag from MJShoes*

¨°o.O cece O.o°¨

Friday, June 24, 2011


.. ready for some goodies?..
Hair (group gift, fee to join) : *[e]*
My Sunshiney Hoodie (free) : *Grixdale*
**sorry it was no longer there when i checked
Dream Catcher Necklace (group gift) : *Willow*
Last Thread Tank Top (free) : *Kyoot*
Jeans Mini skirt (free) : *Roxy @ Marketplace*
Platform in Pink (1L) : *JustB*
Laced Dress (group gift) : *Kunglers*
Chloee Dress w/ Accessories (group gift, check notices) : *aDiva*
Fly Away Pendant Necklace (TOSL Hunt) : *MOOD*
Papillon Dress (TOSL Hunt) : *!STC*
Meljo Top & Ginny Skirt (10L) : *Cynful*
Floral Top and Shorts (TOSL Hunt) : *INDI Designs*

Other Item
Shoes : Lelutka

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Vaneza Ebony Short Hair (free) : *Bishwear Hair*
Bitu - Paradise Bird Skin (50L) : *Al Vulo @ Fashion Garret*
Cotton Candy Necklace (SBHunt) : *Chop Zuey*

 Kelly Aqua Dress (SBHunt) : *paper.doll*
Polka Me Dress (SBHunt) : *Apple May Designs*

Oº°‘¨ Cece ¨‘°ºO

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Cleo Jewelry Set (new release)
**this Cleo set is the first design of the "Light Render" jewelry line
they created which are specially and specifically 
design with the idea of lowering your render cost to enjoy it
and comes in both gold and silver of  earrings, necklace, 
bracelet, ring and nails with ring option too..
Prim Almighty Set (gift in every purchased jewelry)
**this set is made out of soft toned colored diamonds 
combined with neutral diamonds.

..take the taxi and try the demos yourself..

thanks Kayleigh McMillan

Oº°‘¨ Cece ¨‘°ºO


..i'm still here, just a bit busy lately.. so here's my treat to you girls!!..
Little Girl Outfit w/ Hap (group gift, check notices) : *aDiva Couture*
Bamboo Espadrille Flats and Summer Purse (SBHunt) : *Duh!*
Macaron Brown Hair w/ Hat (SBHunt) : *LoQ*
Poppies Red dress (subscribe gift, check history) : *Jazmyn D.*
Nyla Accessories (S&SHunt) : *Exodi*
Beaded Top in Blue (2 other colors, TOSL Hunt) : *Izzie's*
Short Jeans skirt (actually a full outfit, S&SHunt) : *Zenith Fashion*


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hunts and Mother Goose's!!!

.. i finally got the chance to sit down for awhile and wait for my chance
to have one of the many skins in the  lucky boards @ *Mother Goose's*
which in every after 3 mins with wildcard round some are trans too
and paired it with the hunt items i got from TOSL and DSN Hunt..
Hena Skin (1L)
Layered Frill Dress (TOSL Hunt) : *Indie Rose*
Ai Skin (Lucky Board)
Skulls Dress (TOSL Hunt) : *Sassy Kitty Designs*
**3 colors in the pack and hit the MM board while your there
Trudy III (Lucky Board)
Wild and Chic Outfi (TOSL Hunt) : *Acid & Mala*
Cinch in Pink Belt (TOSL Hunt) : *Gos*
Yu Skin (Lucky Board)
Graphic Tank Top (DSN Hunt) : *paper.doll*
Dark Blue Jeans (DSN Hunt) : *Acid & Mala*
Sisi 2 Skin (Lucky Board)
Sakura Tunic (TOSL Hunt) : *[Riddle]*
Trudy Skin (Lucky Board)
Summer Petal Top & Shorts (TOSL Hunt) : *paper.doll*


Thursday, June 16, 2011


Thrill Halter Top (new release)
Feel Free Shorts (new release)

*BOOM* releases this fully sculpted halter tops in yummy colors which
fits everybody because it's available in all sizes to match your body type
and along with this release is this sexy feel free shorts in different colors..

thanks Aranel Ah

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Printed Dress (TOSL Hunt) : *BeBeDoll*
Wide Waisted Belt (free) : **
My Satchel (70L) : *Milk Motion @ TDR Blue*

Other Items
Blonde Hair w/ Hat (already blogged) : Kletva @ TDRBlue
Shoes : Lelutka


 Joss Blonde Hair/Super Summer (70L) : *KLETVA @ TDRBlue*
Pink Top (group gift) : *Erotique Designs*
**comes with a bikini in pink
Blue Jeans shorts (group gift, check notices) : *][AV][*
**search the group to join:


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CheerNo Newness!!!

Emilia Skin (new release) : *[CheerNO]Femme*
.. it is available in 6 different tones with varying make-ups and lipsticks options
which you can purchase separately and not to mention different brow color
and hairbase which comes with the skin, try your demo NOW..

Thanks Kira Ahn
Marilyn in Magenta Gown (+8K group gift, fee to join) : *PM*

Other Items
Hair : [e]
Jewelries : EarthStones (group gift)
Shoes : SlinK

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hit the Beach!!!

Megan Skin (group gift) : *YS&YS*
**includes cleavage, freckles (which i'm loving) and different brow color
Husky Pup and Bag (1L) : *Sculpty Creations Animals*
Bean Kinis (new release) : *Cool Beans*
**available in different colors and patterns in all layers

thanks Anyalia Pearl

Poised Newness!!!

Jump Outfit (group gift)
Grace High-Waisted Skinny Jeans (new release)
11 colors of the HOTTEST ever high waisted skinny pants..

Visit Poised NOW!!!

thanks Ms. Poise Collins

Other Items
Hair & Camisole : 
Shoes : PM

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Gigi Hair (subscribe gift) : *3636*
Summer Queen Finale dress (10L) : *My Precious*
Pumps (1L each) : *TDR-Blue* & *TDR*


Friday, June 10, 2011

free! free! free!

.. just a round up of freebies before i sleep..
Hat w/ poses (free) : *BehaviorBody*
Chiffon Minidress (group gift) : *BaLaC*
Striped Minidress w/ Belt (ZombiePopcorn Hunt) : *paper.doll*
Border Camisole and Mini skirt (group gift) : *M.Motion*
Abegail Top (lots of other options to wear, subscribe gift #1) : *MALT*
Dark Denim Shorts (group gift) : *Essences*
Torn Top and Microskirt (2HFYS Hunt) : *C & W*

 Loyalty Tattoo (ZombiePopcorn Hunt) : *Para Designs*
Maya Hair (group gift for Glance A-list) : *Exile*
A La Retro Sandal from KPD
(check notices of Glance A-List Group)

**Join Glance International A-List Group (copy & paste the link below)

Graffitiwear News!!!

Copper Necklace Top and Skirt (VIP group gift)
Belted Corset Tops (new release)
Stripey Trousers (new release)

visit Graffitiwear now!

All Graffitiwear designs are hand drawn originals and  never use templates. 
They have many one-of-kind textures and creations and they have special weekend sales for 
up to 50% off.All items are transferable (with the exception of prizes and freebies) 
and make terrific gifts. Graffitiwear fashion can be found on SL marketplace here.
Happy shopping!

thanks Ms. Chalice Piers

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pink Label!!!

Sequins and Roses Top and Shorts (10L)
Rose Charm boots in Onyx/Rose (35L)
Tank top and cut off shorts (free)
Jewel Dress (10L)
Rose Charm boots in Azure and Bronze (50L)

...this and a lot more are available @ the Wash from Pink Label here
and the Pink Diamond boots (middle) is available for free for group
members at the main store here along with the other previous gifts..

thanks Talena Carissa