Tuesday, June 21, 2011


..i'm still here, just a bit busy lately.. so here's my treat to you girls!!..
Little Girl Outfit w/ Hap (group gift, check notices) : *aDiva Couture*
Bamboo Espadrille Flats and Summer Purse (SBHunt) : *Duh!*
Macaron Brown Hair w/ Hat (SBHunt) : *LoQ*
Poppies Red dress (subscribe gift, check history) : *Jazmyn D.*
Nyla Accessories (S&SHunt) : *Exodi*
Beaded Top in Blue (2 other colors, TOSL Hunt) : *Izzie's*
Short Jeans skirt (actually a full outfit, S&SHunt) : *Zenith Fashion*


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