Monday, January 31, 2011


.. two new dollarbies at Chat'teigne for the the month of February..

thanks Fannie!

Skin : League
Hair : Truth
Shoes : Maitreya

Sunday, January 30, 2011


... A Feira Event brings together talented designer and put an
exclusive creations for a very good price and M2M put this
sexy top and jeans w/ bag in their cart..
tp to M2M @ A Feira now to get yours..
i got mine already and my husband said he loves it! :P
Turqoise Off Shoulder Blouse
Gray Strip Jeans (2 cuffs style)
Handbag Blue leather (2 ways to wear)

thanks Yumi Chiuh

Skin : League
Hair : Truth
Shoes : OC

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ebony & Ivory!!!

..hello girls! yay it's a Saturday.. time for me to spend a bit for the
new collection from The Dressing Room, they are not free but they
are all discounted from great designers..
Rebecca Skin (left, 70L) : *YS&YS*
Jadis Skin w/ eyes (right, 70L) : *Glam Affair*
Spaghetti Strap tops (70L) : *Fishy Strawberry*
Prairie Tunic Plum (50L) : *SMS*
Floral Top and Ash Jeans (70L) : *R.icielli*

**note: Only available in TDR not on their mainstores

Not TDR Items:
Hair (new) : TRUTH
Shoes : OC
Belt : Mandala
Necklace (old gift) " YS&YS

Friday, January 28, 2011

Azul & Gizza

..hello girls! a quick post just before i go to bed..
Glittered dress (group gift) : *AZUL*
For Her & Him Outfits includes shoes (group gift) : *Gizza Creations*



..i must say this skin is too white for me but i love the face and
it blends well with this purple top and leggings i got and
turquoise bag (worn differently).. happy weekend everyone!!
Petal Skin (group gift) : *!Imabee*
Claudia Hair (group gift) : *EMO-tions*
Hailey top & leggings (group gift) : *erratic*
Suede bag in Turquoise (free) : *HouseofFox*

Not free Item:
Shoes (new) : OC

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh so Pretty!!!

.. Isn't she lovely? grab yours too before it's gone..
Yoko Skin (Lucky board) : *Pinkinnik*
All clothes worn including shoes are free from *Jazmyn D*
**Cheongsam dress (middle) is only free w/in this week

Not Free Items:
Pumps (middle) : [e]
Hair : Lamb

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


..hello girls! oh yes i admit, i'm a skin whore.. **laughs
this might interest you..
Skin (group gift) : *Essences*
Ruffled One-shoulder top (free) : *Cupcakes*
Little lace skirt (free) : *Jane*
Springfling Clutch (group gift) : *auTre*

Not Free Items:
Shoes : [e]
Hair : Lamb
Eyes : UH

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


.. hi girls! i always love red.. it's so sexy! don't you agree?..
Devotion Red dot Skin (group gift) : *Al Vulo*
Romper Stomper Red w/ shoes (1L) : *Glad Rags*
Stereo Love Hoodie (subscribe gift, other colors available) : *[IF]*
**unfortunately no history available**
Baggy Pants (TSK Hunt # 76) : *[NV]*
 Hair : *Heart Softens*
Hair 1 : KIKI Blonde (lucky board)
Hair 2 : GAST Brown (group gift)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


... Join EUPHORIA group here and touch the purple colored letter E..
happy hunting! (check notice for the list of participating stores)
 Hair : *LOQ*
Kitty Craft Bodysuit : *[m]*
Black hot stockings : *Vita's Boudoir*
Hershey Dress : *Baiastice*
JackieO Sunglass : *Donna Flora*
Hair : *!SyDS!*
Glitter Pants : *fore*
Melba Dress : *Chatkare*
My Vintage Scarf : *Milk Motion*

Not Free Items:
Skin : DrLife
Pumps : [e]

Saturday, January 22, 2011


.. i love cupcakes! (who doesn't?), i happen to visit the Cupcakes store
today and by chance i discovered this small room w/ all items that are
priced in between 5-25L with some free ones of course..
Buttons dress w/ hat (10L) : *Cupcakes*

All this 4 dress are free (note the colors) : *Cupcakes*

 .. tp to Kozmetika too, it is a multi-brand cosmetics store which opens today
and grab this make-ups/tattoo layers such as the lipstick which shows the
teeth from Pididdle (free), band-aids w/ four other colors from Grixdale (free),
the pink sugar eyeshadow from Boom (free) and the game/over nails
w/ rings from Virtual Insanity (free)
Hair (30L/color pack) : *Lamb*
Fancy Lacy lingerie (group gift, 250L joining fee) : *Cupcakes*
**or look into my profile for Cupcakes group to join

Not Free Items:
Skin : League
Eyes : ::UH::
Accessories : Mandala
Pumps : [e]

Oh Brielle!!!

... hi girls! It's my birthday today.. yay! but no buts so i'm
going to share to you this skin from AMD which is as pretty as me.. :p
Brielle Pale Skin (25L/tone til Sat Mid) : *AMD*
Hair (30L/Set) : *Lamb*
Tube top (free) : *Khush*
Denim skirt (part of a hunt gift) : *STC*
Tote bag (group gift) : *COCO*

Not free Item:
Tropical Flip Flops : Addictia

Friday, January 21, 2011


.. it's not so freebie girlies but it's discounted and they're very pretty 
to missed it and besides it's going to be my rl bday tomorrow
so it's an early threat for me too **giggles..
Hair (subscribe gift) : *LOQ*
**other available colors on pic below
Coral Mini dress from Emery (70L) : *TDR Blue*
Sling bag (group gift) : *COCO*
Sienna Boots (10L) : *Dressed by Lexi*

Not Free Items:
Skin: League
Earrings & Necklace : Mandala

Thursday, January 20, 2011


.. what's w/ the title **giggles. just a quick post before i go to sleep
(my alarm clock said it's time to go to bed, :P)and i finished one shape
while waiting for this sweater/jacket whatever they call this..
Hair (group gift) : *Dura*
Jacket (Lucky Board) : *Luv's Free Shop*
**a lot of free stuff inside the store too
Pink Tank top (free, lots of color) : *Jane*
Ripped leggings (1L) : *NirSar*
Flair Flats (subscribe gift) : *[e]*

xoxo girls

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oh Erika!!!

..something blue to go with your something new skin
(am i making sense? lol) in short grab it girlies :P..
Denim dress w/ cap (free) : *Mimi's Boutique*
Mega Heels Ray Blue (Group MM) : *TARA*
Joy Hair (free) : *Analog Dog* 
**hair on the skin pics below
 Erika Skin (new release group gift, 250L joining fee) : *Belleza*
**if your already a member, check notices but if you are
a new member, get the gift box inside the store which
contains the previous group gifts too

The Season Hunt!!!

.. The Season Hunt started last Jan. 15 and will end on Jan. 29
and you will be looking for a snowman..
Dress : *Tokidoki*
Fur Shrug : *SMS*
Ankle Boots : *AddiCt*
Dress with Stole : *&Bean*
Knit Socks with flats : *+mocha+*
Picture A :
Cardigan : *Ingenue*
Leggins : *BRB*
Picture B
Melancholy Top : *tb*
Olive Pants : *YU*
Snow Bunny Hair (4 colors) : *Clawtooth*
Scarf (2 styles) : *NSD*
Frost Jeans : *Doppelganger*
Boots : *FIR & MNA*
A. Classic Coat : *KiiToSh*
B. Blue Varsity Cardi : **
C. Striped Chunky Sweater : *Willow*
Frost Hair (2 color) : *[e]*
Breath Sweater (4 colors w/ male version) : *Tiny Bird*

.. more info here

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pretty in Pink!!!

.. just a quick post for today luvlies..
Hair (free) : *[e]*
Dress (subscribe gift) : *Bells Boutique*
Belt (1L) : *Indyra Originals*
Pink Heels (subscribe/lucky board) : *Tara*
**Heels was sent via subscribe but no history in store
but you can still have it via Lucky board

Sunday, January 16, 2011

ohh so sexy!!!

.. something naughty, bitchy and sexy for the lovely ladies..
Obsession dress with accessories (group gift, check notices) : *AdN Designs* 
Wart court in green (Lucky Board) : *so what?)
**it has black and brown colors too
Oh Girl top and skirt (Group LB) : *J.E.M*
Blue Fiction (group gift) : *AdN Designs*

Friday, January 14, 2011

pretty freebies!!!

.. Exile has a wall of freebie hair (fatpack in each style) 6 styles for women
and 3 styles for men (sorry no pics) so why not take it all and
grab this beautiful dress along the way..
Flowered Doll dress (subscribe #1) : *Ribbon*
ToTheMaxx Blue dress (subscribe gift) : *Aqua*
**male gift is also available 
Leopard Scarf (free) : *paper.doll*
Bag (subscribe gift) : *Miamai*
Red Knit dress (free) : *J.E.M*
Black Minidress (group gift, 50L fee) : *Kunglers*
Chocolate Knit Sweater (group gift) : *Latte*
Black Formal dress (group gift) : *Gizza Creations*

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


.. how about some hunt girlfriends? you will be looking for 27 pink letters SP (pic below)
around SOMAPOP Sim until January 21.. there's no hurry really huh :)

Dress (hunt #4)
Black Tunic Blouse (hunt # 25)
Jeans (hunt # 19)
Notice Me Knit Tunic (hunt # 23)
Jeans (hunt # 20)
 Leggings (hunt # 18)
White Ramones Sweater (hunt # 15)
Scarf (hunt # 16)
V-neck long blouse (hunt # 17)
Fake Leather snake belt (hunt # 14)

Kawaii dress (hunt # 3)
Lela skin (hunt # 1)
Daisy skin (hunt # 27)
Pink plaster (hunt # 13)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

coffee & cream!!!

..another black and white combi, lol i guess i'm addicted huh..
Spirit Teaser (free) : *Heartsick*
Gift for Women (1L) : *Alyssa Designs*
Black & White One-shouldered dress (group gift) : *Morea Style*