Saturday, January 22, 2011


.. i love cupcakes! (who doesn't?), i happen to visit the Cupcakes store
today and by chance i discovered this small room w/ all items that are
priced in between 5-25L with some free ones of course..
Buttons dress w/ hat (10L) : *Cupcakes*

All this 4 dress are free (note the colors) : *Cupcakes*

 .. tp to Kozmetika too, it is a multi-brand cosmetics store which opens today
and grab this make-ups/tattoo layers such as the lipstick which shows the
teeth from Pididdle (free), band-aids w/ four other colors from Grixdale (free),
the pink sugar eyeshadow from Boom (free) and the game/over nails
w/ rings from Virtual Insanity (free)
Hair (30L/color pack) : *Lamb*
Fancy Lacy lingerie (group gift, 250L joining fee) : *Cupcakes*
**or look into my profile for Cupcakes group to join

Not Free Items:
Skin : League
Eyes : ::UH::
Accessories : Mandala
Pumps : [e]

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