Monday, December 30, 2013

#731 ~ Shopping before the year ends...

What I'm Wearing...
Kora Hair (Fatpack) : pr!tty (Dollarbie)
Rayne-Tan : WoW Skins (70th Designer Circle)
Anahi Shape : ANNA Shapes (70th Designer Circle)
Solar Dream Necklace : MG (Group Gift, check notices)
Ribbon headband & Hat : Xen's Hat (POE6 #166, Free)
Nails Applier # 27 : Quintessencia (CSR R-3/2, 30L)
1. Debbie Dress : MINT! (CSR R-3/2, 70L)
2. Halter Dress : mesh Theory (CSR R-3/2, 70L)
3. Ava Dress & Clutch : Perch (CSR R-3/2, 70L)
Spiked Pumps : BlackHalls (CSR R-3/2, 55L)

Dec. 22, 2013 - Jan. 5, 2014

Dec. 28, 2013 - Jan. 12, 2014

Taylor Swift - Begin Again

#730 ~ INNUENDO & CSR w/ Freebies...

What I'm Wearing..
Harmony Hair : Tameless Hair (Group Gift, Free)
Tierre-Fawn Skin : Dulce Secrets (CSR R-3/2, 70L)
Eyeliner 03 : POUDRE (CSR R-3/2)
Suede Muff : The Secret Store 
(CHunt @ Inspiration Point, Free)
Anyta Brown Outfit : INNUENDO (New Release)
**includes Jacket, Pants & Beret
Havana Brown Shoes : Essenz (CSR R-3/2, 69L)

Cosmopolitan Sales Room {Round 3/2}
Dec. 22, 2013 - Jan. 5, 2014

check out the blog HERE for complete list of items

Jason Mraz - The Woman I Love

Sunday, December 29, 2013

#729 ~ Detoxify ME!!!

What I'm Wearing...
Hair w/ Hat : RONSEM (Group Gift, Free)
Sarah Peach Skin : Swallow (Group Gift, Free)
Earrings : Gitana's (Christmas Gift, Free)
Cutuful Piercing : Pekka (Group Gift, Free)
Fever Nails : SHOCK (Dollarbie @ MP)
Cherry Shirt : LAVAROCK Creations (NEW RELEASE)
**available in 12 colors, sold separately
Detox Pants #4 : LAVAROCK Creations (NEW RELEASE)
Engineer Boots : COCO (Freebie @ Store)
**all sculpted items were for free, so grab it while it last

Maroon 5 - Love Somebody

..enjoy your sunday girlies!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

#728 ~ Only Time...

What I'm wearing...
Hair - Caramel : Pink Hustler (Subscriber Gift, Free)
Nina Skin : Belleza (Group Gift, 250L Fee)
**check notices in group, there are 2 other skin for female and male skin**
Jewelry & Nails : WTG (POE6 Hunt #016, Free)
Velvet Sparkle Dress : Rir Life (NEW RELEASE)
**available in 6 different colors
Aura Shoes : ANE (FLF, **hurry)

Location HERE

Enya - Only Time

#727 ~ Freebies Overload!!!

..hi ladies, this may be a little late but still you can't miss to have
this gorgeous outfits in your inventory.. so hurry up and grab some.. <3
What I'm wearing...
Avalon Hair : little.bones (Group Gift, check notices)
Mokatana Skin : Glam Affair (Group Gift, 30L Fee)
Holiday Nails : Starry Heaven (Acid Lily, 70L)
Satest Bracelet & Necklace : Bokeh (Acid Lily, 70/95L)

... Acid Lily is now down on it's last and final round and will close
it's door on December 30, 2013... if you wish to stay informed on
future possible updates, subscribe or follow their blog HERE

1. Lina Mesh Dress : Son!a (Group Gift, Free)
2. Retro Dress : Color Me H.O.F.
(CHunt @ Inspiration Point, Free)
Vest : Silentium Amoris (Group Gift, check notices)
3. Jewel Cocktail Dress : Valentina E. (Subscriber Gift, Free)
Fur Stole : Fishy Strawberry (Subscrier Gift, Free)
Red Boots & Bag : Awear (CSR R-3/2, 70L)

Cosmopolitan Sales Room {Round 3/2}
Dec. 22, 2013 - Jan. 5, 2014

check out the blog HERE for complete list of items

1. Happy Holidays Shirt & Skirt : coldLogic 
(Subscriber Gift, Free)
2. Top & Skirt : ryvolter (Group Gift, Free)
3. Seasons Greetings dress : coldLogic (Subscriber Gift, Free)
Wedge Pumps : G.Field (Subscriber Gift, Free)

Starry Night Tops (fatpack) : Fishy Strawberry 
(Freebie @ Store)
High-waisted Skirt : Tee*fy (CHunt @ Inspiration Point, Free)
Rise Skinny Jeans : The Secret Store 
(CHunt @ Inspiration Point, Free)
Pointed Flats : Tee*fy (Chunt @ Inspiration Point, Free)

Christina Aguilera-Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

#726 ~ Merry Christmas Girlies!!!

[FF Doll] Ruby - Natural Tone
**Available in 4 tones with complete set of appliers (lolas, lush, 
Phat Azz, Slink), shape (not worn), no brow and cleavage options
What I'm wearing...
Ella Hair : LaViere (Inspirational Point Christmas Hunt, Free)
Big Bow : Just Design (Group Gift, Free)
Ruby Skin : FreshFace (NEW RELEASE)
Red Collagen Lips : Pink Acid (Group Gift, Free)
Earrings : Sax Shepherd Designs (Holiday Snow Gift, Free)
Bow Knit Scarf : yumyums (Acid Lily, 70L)
Poinsettia Dress : Vita's Boudoir (Group Gift, Free)
Xondra Gladiator : C057 (Group Gift, Free)
Candy Cane & Pose : Label Motion (Subscriber Gift, Free)

... Acid Lily is now down on it's last and final round and will close
it's door on December 30, 2013... if you wish to stay informed on
future possible updates, subscribe or follow their blog HERE

Merry Christmas Everyone.. may your holidays be filled with
love, joy and peace.. CHEERS !!!!

Santa Baby - Taylor Swift

Sunday, December 22, 2013

#725 ~ Acid Lily & Freebies...

What I'm wearing...
Chill Hair : Lelutka (Group Gift, Free)
Holiday Skin : HUSH (Group Gift, Free)
Nail Slink Applier : By Snow (Subscriber Gift, Free)
Boreal Sweater : even.flow (Acid Lily, Dec. R-2)
Moto Pants : Fishy Strawberry (Subscriber Gift, Free)
Winter Boots : N-Core (Group Gift, Fee to join)
Christmas Tree : Lelutka (Group Gift, Free)

Laurel Hair : LS Designs (WDH Hunt #32, 1L)
Snow Cups w/ Poses : Junk (Acid Lily, Dec. R-2)

Picture Taken @ KAMOTEHAN Island

... Acid Lily is now down on it's last and final round and will close
it's door on December 30, 2013... if you wish to stay informed on
future possible updates, subscribe or follow their blog HERE

Christmas Song Medley =) Marie Digby

Saturday, December 21, 2013

#724 ~ 69th Designer Circle & Freebies...

What I'm wearing..
Hair : Miamai (Group Gift, Free)
Melita Skin : WoW (69th Designer Circle, Not Free)
Eyes : Insufferable Dastard (Nov. Freebie)
Pink Lipstick : Pink Acid (Freebie)
Pink Nail Polish : Flair (Subscriber Gift, Free)
Jewelry & Shoulderpiece : Baubles! 
(69th Designer Circle, Not Free)
Alana Dress : Amarelo Manga (69th Designer Circle, Not Free)
Shoes : Gos

69th Designer Circle Round : Dec. 14-28, 2013
check out the complete collection HERE

Michael Bolton - Joy To The World

Friday, December 20, 2013

#723 ~ Glitter @ 12 Days of Christmas Sale

What I'm wearing...
Fernanda Hair : TRUTH (Subscriber Gift, Free)
Megan Skin : SHOCK (Frost Gift, 1L)
Lip Shine - Red : Pink Acid (ESH #55, Free)
Swirls in my eyes : Adoness (Frost Gift, Free)
Noel Jewelry : Beloved (POE6 Hunt, Free)
Marie Chritmas Outfit : Glitter (12 Days of Christmas Sale)
Shoes : Gos

Christa Black & Jewelry : Glitter 
(12 Days of Christmas Exclusive, 50L)

Dec. 13 -31, 2013
12 Days of Christmas Sale and Hunt tp HERE

Christmas Carols For C... 12 Days of Christmas - Christmas Carol

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

#722 ~ Fresh Doll...

FF Doll - Evie Skin [Maple tone] : FreshFace
.. with dimples, pinky nipples, more detailed face & smooth body light
**Available in 4 tones with complete set of appliers (lolas, lush, 
Phat Azz, Slink), no brow and cleavage options
What I'm wearing...
Hair : eXxEsS (Freebie, Fatpack)
Evie Skin : FreshFace (New Release)
Shimmer Eyes : UMEBOSHI (Group Gift, Free)
Knitted Mittens : LavandaChic (Freebie @ FDR)
Ingie Jacket & Pants : KL Couture (SSSS R-12, 50L)
Marsha Boots : HollyHood (SSSS R-12, 50% Off)
My Xmas Teddy Bear Pose : Label Motion (Freebie)

Picture taken @ Kamotehan Island

Taylor Swift Music Video - Last Christmas

Monday, December 16, 2013

#721 ~ All I want...

What I'm wearing...
Kiara Hair : Amacci (POE6 Hunt #11, Free)
Anna Skin : Aimi Skins (Group Gift, 1L)
Christmas Tale Eyes : Poetic Colors (Subscribe Gift, Free)
Earrings & Necklace : EMO-tions (POE6 Hunt, #29, Free)
Jade Jacket : Zanze (Winter Fair Frost)
**Available in 6 colors in different sizes
Allure Skirt : Mohnna Lisa Couture (POE6 Hunt #66, Free)
Adella Shoes : Redgrave

Avenue - Zenshi Winter Fair Frost
Nov. 30th - Dec. 30, 2013

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

Sunday, December 15, 2013

#720 ~ Pretty in Pink!!! is almost here but still work isn't over and so coldLogic
releases it's newest collection with lots of options to mixed and matched
pencil skirts, shirts and cardigans with lots of colors to choose from..
now available at their mainstore and marketplace for you...

What I'm wearing...
Heidi Hair : ISON
Snow Blossom Skin : Ooh-la-licious (POE6 Hunt #101, Free)
Xy Cold Eyes : Song (Dollarbie)
Bambu Necklace : Kunglers (POE6 Hunt #28, Free)
Hough Outfit : coldLogic (New Release)
Adella Shoes : Redgrave (New Release)
My Newspaper Pose : Label Motion (Subscriber Gift, Free)

Michael Bublé - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#719 ~ Cosmo Chick!!!

What I'm wearing...
Hair : Analog Dog (Freebie Ball)
Charin Skin : Dulce Secret (CSR 2/2 Exclusive)
Eyeliner 03 : Poudre (CSR 2/2 Exclusive)
Spectral Eyes : IKON (Group Gift, Free)
Snowflake Earrings : Pure Poison (Subscribe Gift, Free)
Fingernails for Slink hands : Quintessencia (CSR 2/2 Exclusive)
Funkie Dress (Yellow) : Ninety (CSR 2/2 Exclusive)
Limerence Dress (Brown) : VIVID (CSR 2/2 Exclusive)
**both dress are available in various colors
Winter Tote : Le Poppycock (25 for 25L Hunt, 25L)
Betsy Heels : HollyHood (CSR 2/2 Exclusive)

For more information about:

Cosmopolitan Sales Room ~ Dec. 8 - 22

25 for 25 Hunt ~ Dec. 5 - 30

Christina Aguilera Feat. Redman- Dirrty

Saturday, December 7, 2013

#718 ~ Designer Circle / Acid Lily & Freebies

What I'm wearing...
Dalliance Hair : little bones (Group Gift, check notices)
Ewa Skin : Al Vulo (Group Gift, Free)
Ely Shape : ANNA Shapes (68th Round Designer Circle)
Earrings & Necklace : Baubles! (68th Round Designer Circle)
Boho Babe Bikini : 1 Hundred (68th Round Designer Circle)
1 - Halter Dress : B!asta  (Grab-A-B!ASTA Special Deal, 50L)
2 - Retro Dress : B!asta  (68th Round Designer Circle)
Socks : B!asta  (68th Round Designer Circle)
**both dress & socks are available in 6 colors
Pumps : Slink (Past Gift)
Elsa Poses : AUSHKA & CO (Ist Dec Round of Acid Lily)

For more information check out the following...

Dec. 1-14  ~ 68th Designer Circle

Dec. 2-15  ~ Acid Lily

Demi Lovato - Let It Go