Wednesday, April 20, 2011


...hi girlfriends! hehe yeah that is still me talking to myself again, lol..
Girlfriends Garden Bench has 6 animations, 3 in each sides and it
only consists of 8 prims which is just perfect for my balcony (even if it's not garden)
which Moriko Inshan of *Hanaya* thinks so.. thankies!
Summer Tops (new release)
Summer Ruffles skirt (new release)
.. just so right for this time of the year which is paired with their new release 
for Easter special, the Rose summer hat, necklace and shoes. Get all this
at *artMEfashion* , thanks Ms. Moonstone Eiren
Girlfriends Garden Beach (new release)
*just so you have a clearer view what it looks like
Rose Summer Hat, Necklace and Shoes (Easter Special Items)

Other Items
Hair : Lamb
Sunglasses : Deco (hunt item)

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