Friday, October 29, 2010

Last Min Halloween Goodies!!!

.. there's a lot of hunt going on for the Halloween so i suggest you grab
this goodies while it's still available..

the nails and necklace on the left picture come from Virtual Insanity for the
Macabre Hunt while the Cozy Sweater on the right comes from the SOM of
Hasi's which is paired with denims with shoes and bag are from the 
MM Boards of Seven and the arm cuffs which comes with nails are another
hunt item for Halloween Hunt at Virtual Insanity too.

Purple off-shoulder with jeans (free opening gift) : *Rezlpsa Loc*
Green flats (Oct/Nov gift) : *Virtual Insanity*
Bow-lero (Lucky Board) : *The Secret Store*
Baby Jean outfit (Ghost Demon Hunt) : *!Whatever*
Orange flats which comes with black too (subscribe gift) : *Indie Rose*

Cleo hair (subscribe gift) : *TRUTH*

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