Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Treats!!!

.. Halloween is coming so why not grab something for the Trick or Treat
or for those Halloween parties or simply just for fun..

Skin (subscribe gift) : *Izzies*
Outfit + hat w/ hair (group gift) : *Liriope*

1. Outfit with stockings (subscribe gift) : *SLC*
2. Got Brew? Outfit (1L) : *Cilian'gel Boutique*
3. October gift (group gift) : *Barbie Bitch*

1. Dress (group gift) : *Azul*
2. Sailor dress w/ 2 other options (group gift) : *Honey Kitty*
3. Halloween Gift (group gift) : *Latte*

Other available make-up tone for the Amber skin at Izzie's and also
included are 3 shapes and non-cleavage option.

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