Wednesday, September 22, 2010


... Halloween parties are nearing so grab your share of costumes as early as now and some skins to go with it.. xoxo

Princess Gown (subscribe gift) : *LVS&CO*

Wench on Deck outfit (subscribe gift #1) : *Sn@ch*
Boots (group gift, check notices) : *Urban Girl*

Withered Williamina dress (subscribe gift) : *The Dollhouse*

Skin (MM Board) : *Cupcake*
Pink Mistress Jewelry (MM Board) : *$Ganked$*

Skin1 (Lucky Board) : *Mother Goose's
Skin2 (MM Board) : *eStyle*
Wild Panther Minidress (free) : *Magic Fashion*
Armband and bridal Bindis (subscribe gift) : *Primalot*

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