Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where is.. Part II

..as promised from my last post, here's the other items from
where is ... hunt? and look for the colored donuts..
 Loosen Up My Buttons Minis : *Holli Pocket*
 Yellow Blue checkered top : *Zenith Fashion*
Kaly Jeans Razberry : *{Silenced}*
(Shirt and Hair included not shown)
Jasmin Baby Doll dress : *[Cynful]*
Coco Dress : *Garage*
Cream Meadow Dress : *Sassy Kitty Designs*
Elena Huntress Skin Sunkissed : *Al Vulo*
Ties In Top : *[Yulicie]*
Jeans : *Moloko*
Plugs In and Piercing : *Nox*
 Malinka Skin Fair : *Natural Beauty*
Summer Shawl and Blouse : *Berries Inc.*
Panty & Donuts on mouth : *Dammed*
(eyeshadow is also included not shown)
 Kayla Seductive Skin Pale : *Filthy*
Dirty Chucks Girl Shirt : *[arnadi]*
(male version not shown)
Woodstock Jeans : *Poison*
Red City Sneakers : *Balkanik 2.0*
MoOon Burn skin : *JeSyLiLo*
White Minis w/ Bikini : *DeeTaleZ*

Other Items
Hair : Lelutka, Truth, AD

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