Friday, February 4, 2011

Pretty Diva!!!

.. Hello! pretty freebies for the pretty diva like you..
Chery CNY Dress (subscribe first then pay 10L) : *My Precious*
Mystery in Black (6K Group gift) : *PurpleMoon*

Hair : 10K Group gift : *D!va*
**can be worn in many options

Two way Cardigan (group gift) : *Clematis*
India minidress (subscribe gift) : *!STC*

Ardor Gown (subscribe gift) : *SD Wears*

Shimmy Rusty Blouse (group gift) : *SMS*
Suede Mini-skirt (demo color) : *G.Field*

Other Items:
Skin : DrLife
Hair (1st pic) : TRUTH
Shoes : Maitreya

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