Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hunt & MM!!!

..hello ladies! a combination of hunt and MM for today and hope
you can slap that MM board coz it's definitely a must have..
Seduction in Lime (VVDH) : *Sassy!*
Valentine Tank Top w/ Jeans (VVDH) : *Custom iNKZ*
Accessories (group gift, check notices) : *Annoying Japanese Children*
Lucky Me Top (MDV Hunt) : *HolliPocket*
Twinkle Booty (subscribe gift) : *HolliPocket*
Dare Minis (MM Board) : *Custom iNKZ*
**4 Color Dress with black top and pasties included
**107/350 at the moment
Sin Dress (MM Board) : *Custom iNKZ*
**109/250 at the moment

Other Items
Hair (new) : Maitreya
Skin : League

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