Saturday, February 5, 2011

Girly Stuff!!!

.. happy weekend everyone! i'm feeling lazy to shop for my Saturday
shopping spree so here i am just feeling cozy at home.. bleeehh!
Glitterfield Blouse (Magoa) & Messy Blouse (Peqe) are the newest group gifts of
the stores Magoa, Peqe and Orion combined into one update group.. TP here
and don't forget to drop by at Elymode to get this long fuchsia skirt for free.
.. and do some mini hunting too at BoatHouse to get this sweet arrangement
for your lovely homes, you will be looking for 8 small boats that are hidden
inside the store until February 7..

thanks Izziebellah

Other Items
Hair :
Skin (old hunt item) & Elf Ears : Mynerva
Sandal : COCO

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