Saturday, February 12, 2011

Early Val Gifts!!!

..hello ladies! time for a round up of pretty freebies today..
Hair (group gift) : *Liriope*
Veronica Red dress (TVDH) : *Shush*
Valentine Shawl (group gift) : *Bliss Couture*
Hair (free) : *Liriope*
Flower dot outfit (TVDH) : *Y&R*
Skin (group gift, 30L fee) : *Glam Affair*
**check notices to retrieved the skin
Hair (free) : *Iconic Couture*
Lazy Sweater (free) : *Pig*
Valentine Lingerie (group gift) : *Garage*
Jewelry (Icon Hunt) : *MOOD*

Other item:
Shoes : Maitreya

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