Saturday, February 12, 2011


.. i finally got hold of my husband's busy schedule lately so i told him
that he has to pose with me for today's post **evil grin** so i took him to
Eiffel Tower but ngek it's a no rez area and so are the famous other landmarks
so we just settled to play the animations individually and try to reach for each 
others hand at Battery Park.. isn't it sweet? looks like the love bugs 
caught me this time.. haha!.. blah blah blah.. ok enough cecelia :)
On Her:   Hair (group gift, 250 joining fee) : *[e]*
Dress (currently on sale for 25L all items in store) : *La Femme Couture*
Shoes (Valentines group gift) : *P10*

On Him: Formal Suit/Pants (group gift) : *Gizza Creations*


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