Saturday, April 7, 2012

#504 ~ Easter Hunt at PM

..hello pwetty ladies!!! who's in for a little hunt? if you are then time to
squeeze in your sexy asses at PurpleMoon and look for 10 purple eggs
that are hidden inside the store, no group tags required just you and
all your sexy friends to enjoy.. all clothing, accessory and boots worn
can be found in the hunt with just a little bit of waiting for all the eggs
to rez (8 can be found at the mainstore 1st floor and 2 at Boho house across)
and also don't forget to drop by at EUPHORIA for some Pre-Spring Sale..

TP to PurpleMoon Mainstore NOW!!!

..the hunt is until April 15..

Other Items worn:
Hello, Goodbye Hair : Shag @ E U P H O R I A (Pre-Spring sale, 50L)
Leilani Skin : Al Vulo

.. did I already mention i lurve Purple??? i just did! :p

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