Monday, August 16, 2010

more hunt!!

as i was doing the zombiepopcorn hunt, i came across the items
i've missed for the platinum and haystack hunt.. so here it is!
(for Platinum hunt, look for an open jewelry box and for haytack
hunt, look for a green object with a pin in it)
Mirelle Pink Gown (Platinum Hunt, 10L) : *LeeZu*
Messed Memory Wire Set jewelry (Platinum hunt, 10L) : *Acid & Mala*
Hair (previously blogged) : *Ploom*

Squeze dress (Platinum hunt, 10L) : *Ducknipple*
Summerdress (Platinum hunt, 10L) : *DeeTalez*

Beach shorts with string bikini (NHH, free) : *Shush*
Top is from previous gifts at Cupcake; shoes and hair previously blogged.

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