Monday, August 30, 2010

freebies!!! again.. lol

.. sorry it's kinda late for me update my post, but
i hope you will like this..

Tight Emerald dress (MM Board) : *Poised*
and below is for the male (2nd floor)

(tell your guy about it.. hehehe)

Pink Bijoux dress (1L) and Flora Shoes (1L)
both from *Donna Flora*

Summer Mash Up outfit (free) : *DCNY*

Black minis (1L) : *DCNY*

Tops are all from *Roxxstar*, blue from MM board, black and pink
are group gifts ; Leggings which comes in 6 colors are all from *DCNY*

1. Blue ripped top (Lucky chair) and skin (subscribe gift) : *SD*
2. Top (free) : *Magoa*
Skin (free) : *Roxxstar*

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