Thursday, August 26, 2010

great deal!!!

.. i love purple so when i got the notecard about this free gown, 
i never wasted so much time and the bikini is a must have too..

Julia Purple (free) : *Corvoitise*

Lovable in chocolate (10L, limited time) : *LA Designs*

Ikea Dress (free) : *Gato*
Shoes (MM Board) : *Fadabebe*
Eyewear (5L) : *Imani*

Bikini (group gift) : *Opium*
Shoes (MM Board) : *Ingenue*
Eyewear (5L) : *Imini*

Gossip Candy & Plastic Candy Skin (group gift) : *Lurani*

*all hairs that are used comes from *TRUTH* with 50% off til Sept. 3.

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