Wednesday, August 25, 2010


freebies for today..

Sexy Red (group gigf) : *Urban Girl*

Plaid Shirt (1L) : *M2M*
Torn thights (free) : *Glasnost*
(skirt is part of the red dress but i re-tint it to black)

Skin 1 (camp prize for 20 mins) : *FhangCandy*
Skin 2 (group gift) : *Imabee*

1. Top and Pants (FYH) : *Relentless Couture*
2. Pink Tank and Ripped shorts (free) : *MFP*
3. Top is part of a swimsuit (group gift) : *Tasty*
Flowered Jeans (1L) : *Rezipsa Loc*

(all hair used are from the gift at Posh, not available)

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