Saturday, August 28, 2010


... oh i don't know what to say anymore but here's for today
and  /me whispers: the boots is also cool for guys.. get it!

Tyrolean Tunic (Takuni Hunt, free) : *EM*
Lowrise Pants (free) : *529*
Unisex Western Boots (Takuni Hunt, free) : *J's*

Sleek Ruby outfit (MM Board) : *Poised*
Hair w/ hat (free) : *CriCri*

Leather Minis (group gift) : *Opium*

Skin (subscribe gift, #1) : *Tasty*
Striped Sweater (MM Board, fatpack) : *FK Virtues*
(thanks to my supportive friends who showed up to slap the board, x0x0)

**for the Takuni Hunt, you will be looking for a pink clamp shell**

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