Sunday, January 13, 2013

#618 ~ Blogger Challenge + Sale i was looking at the blogs im stalking, i came across this blogger challenge called 
What’s Your Beauty Base Zero? by Portia Pexington and so i hurriedly stripped
down my clothes and pose before my husband comes home.. husshhh! my blog i really don't have a skin default coz i mostly blog freebies but behind
the camera i'm a huge League (Taylor) fan, i've been wearing it for more than
two years and just two weeks ago i decided to try this Petal Skin from
the Body co. which btw is having a 50% - 75% Off Sale (dang i should have waited hmp)
but anyway i can still grab the make-ups so it's still yeheey! but don't
be in a hurry to get there rightnow coz sale ends until Jan.31 **smiles

tp to the Body co. @ The Warehouse

..and after taking a bath and putting on my make-up and dyeing my hair
black **giggles** I eagerly pose for " THE EARTH HOUR PROFILE PROJECT"
by a fellow filipina blogger Dana Yotov.. and if you wanna join
sign up HERE  or IMed her and set your appointments..

i sign up for this one coz i truly believe in the project  (i'm an environmentalist 
by profession, BS Envi Sci)  and once worked for the environment, 
tho i'm currently working in another field rightnow..


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