Sunday, July 10, 2011


..i just can't resist hair that covers one eye, i don't know why
but i'm sure you too can relate to it especially if it's this gorgeous..
Tube Dress (1L) : *Elemiah Design*
Ruffled Top and Capri (MND2 Hunt) : *Cancoon Fashion*
Holidy Stripes (group gift) : *Poised*
Treasure Map Dress (Skull Hunt) : *Alexohol*

Audra Hair (free) : *Exile @ Hair Fair*
Caged Heart Necklace (group gift) : *Esther Jen*

Other Items
Skin : Curio
Wedge : PM


  1. I love the hair too but my eyelashes poke out the part that covers the eye. Wonder if anyone else has that problem? It might be my graphics card :(

  2. i get that problem too especially if the hair that covers is too close to the eyes.. you'll just need to adjust the eyelashes.. put it as closer as you can get to the eye without ruining it.

  3. thank you for the follow GAby.. i just did to you too :)