Sunday, July 24, 2011

PouPee Hunt!!!

..good morning ladies!! let's do the PouPee Hunt this time, your
going to find small doll with official blog here for complete list of hints..
 Julia Skin (1L) : *Mamboo Chic*
Hair (PouPeeHunt) : *Wildo*
 Ship in a bottle Necklace (PouPeeHunt) : *I <3 Fashion*
Cotton Minidress (PouPeeHunt) : *PureStyle*
Gold Flats (subscribe gift, history #3) : *VMC*
White Basket Bag (PouPeeHunt) : *Tokidoki*
Short Puffy Cardigan (PouPeeHunt) : *LaViere*
Maxi Dress (PouPeeHunt 1/2) : *S@bbia*
Wedge (PouPeeHunt 2/2) : *S@bbia*

have a nice sunday everyone!!!

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