Friday, July 29, 2011

Little Home!

..sorry for not blogging as often i used to but i'm still here just trying to
settle again in another home with my husband which of course is fun
and time consuming coz we like it to be perfect.. hehehe!
Arabin *PaleSkinJ1*
Arabin *TanSkinJ2*
Arabin *DarkSkinJ3*
NEW! NEW! NEW! Skin from *JeSyLiLo* named Arabin comes in
3 Tones with 5 Make-up options, cleavage and no cleavage option..
Please try the demos before buying!

..when my husband logs in and found this lit house in our land he was like there's
no way we can fit in in this house but it's too cute to not get it :p..

Breeze Ensembles (group gift, check notices) : *LELUTKA*
**bikini, sarong and hair w/ hat
Little House (group gift, 1L fee) : *Compty Within*
Shoes (not free) : *N-Core*

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