Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Advantage I Sunglass (new release) : *ROLE OPTIC*

Each pair contains 9 colors for frame parts, 9 colors,
4 different flares and 3 different gradients for the 
lenses and some more options.

Change through the menu:
▪ Elegant size changing through the menu
▪ Move "On Head", "On Nose" and a custom position 
+ optional Avatar Animation ▪ Adjust the whole frame or 
single parts of it ▪ Colors of frame ▪ Colors of lenses
▪ Gradients of lenses ▪ Lens Flares ▪ Transparency
▪ Reset back to manufacturer settings
▪ Delete scripts from worn copy

Leen Skirt and Shirt (new release) : *KOKETKA*

Available in 5 different pastel colors top with Sheer option for that 
sexy side of you and figure hugging mini skirt

Advantage II Sunglass (new release) : *ROLE OPTIC*

Becky Hair (free, group gift) : *TRUTH @ Truth District*
Absinthe B&W Shoes (free, group gift) : *Narcotix @ Truth District*
Chum Bracelet (subscribe gift) : *MIEL*

thanks Rohal Schnyder
thanks Slava Parkin

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